Forgetting the password of the SBCGlobal account is now very common because people find it hard to recall the details of every online account. Just in case you are one of those users who have forgotten the password for the first time then here is how this blog can help you out with the answers.

Steps to reset the password of the SBCGlobal account

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1. If you have recently lost the password of the SBCGlobal account then first of all go to the sign-in page and then tap to notify that you have forgotten the password of the account.

2. Now the account recovery page will pop up and then you can enter the username of the account along with the medium that you want to choose to obtain the lost password.

3. Here as you start with the account recovery information and if you choose the access of alternative email then a code will be sent on the email.

4. Now if you choose the option of a recovery phone number then the code will be sent on the text and then you can enter the code in the security box. You can also set the password accordingly once done. After this, don’t forget to confirm the password.

5. If these two methods don’t work out then you also have the option to answer the security questions.

Tips for setting the strong password

1. Always try to set a password that is new and not known to anyone.

2. If you think that you might lose the password then try to note it down somewhere just in case you lose it, you can note it down from there.

3. Keep changing the password from time to time so that the account is safe and protected.

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