How does the new Camry hold its ground? A test drive

If we say that winter is a season of reflection, then the following spring should be a season of reflection and blossom.

toyota Camry

After more than three years for a car whose freshness and product power have gradually lost their appeal, the pondered eighth-generation Camry has brought its response this spring: the all-new Camry.

In the old Huizhou buildings with white walls and black tiles, in the rape flowers scattered all over the hills and fields, what kind of blooming will the new Camry bring?

Key: first as a medium-term change models, new camry in power and chassis system continued TNGA label, van go steady movement, the modified mainly reflects in appearance, interior design, interior increases the whole LCD instrument and control screen, TSS security system resilience to further enhance the scene, snatched the convenience of science and technology more powerful, etc. Although it is a variety of small details of the improvement, but from the perspective of use, but are the most intuitive experience improvement.

Minor cosmetic changes

The test drive is very heart, little Kai in hand, want to go. Stepping outside the hotel door, the brand new "Kat" is already waiting to go. While the new Camry's exterior remains the same as the previous two-face design, both the luxury and sports models are only slightly upgraded, not overhauled. But at first sight, it is still very fresh. It's like a best friend who suddenly changes her outfit today and still makes your eyes shine.

Our test drive is 2.5L double-engine deluxe version, the most obvious change is the front grille part, double trapezoidal three-dimensional modeling, more three-dimensional; The use of electroplating trim at the corner of the bumper makes the outline of the front more obvious, creating a visual effect of low atmosphere, which is more atmospheric.

The front grille of the sport version has also been changed, adopting the honeycomb grille commonly used in sport models, and has been changed from a cross grid shape to a hexagonal honeycomb shape to further emphasize the sportier atmosphere.

In addition to the changes to the front face, advanced smoky effects have been added to the front headlights and some minor adjustments have been made to the combined taillights. The 17 - and 18-inch aluminum wheels are also new. The new Camry also has a new titanium silver body.

Double large screen blessing

In the car, the new Camry is still using the previous "Y" layout, color and material collocation some new changes. The Sport version features a new design of suede seat leather, which is also waterproofed.

But the biggest change to the interior is the upgrade of two large screens. One is to upgrade the center control screen to a more fashionable 10.1 inch floating screen, which is not only a change in size, but more importantly, the improved vision of the center control screen makes it safer to operate and view. LCD display instrument has also become a 12.3 inch LCD screen, with the head up digital display, the new Camry to Xiaobian's biggest impression is very convenient access to information, safety considerations are very thoughtful.

Smarter connectivity

It's more practical to use than to have a bigger screen. The new Camry has a number of smart connectivity enhancements. Xiaobian tried to interact with its voice, interactive fluency is good. It is also said to be able to receive send WeChat messages messages and voice calls in full voice, including shared location and OTA upgrades. This is the first Japanese brand with WeChat function. Map selection, in addition to the Tencent map, but also provide AutoNavi map two options.

It also imported DCM (data communication module) into the whole system, providing a number of functions and services including remote air conditioning control, remote car search, stolen tracking (including remote start limit), remote fault diagnosis, emergency rescue and so on.

TSS achieves quasi-L2 autopilot

Although the joint venture brands have not been able to catch up with their own brands in the field of autonomous driving, the new Camry is still moving forward. Although it is a new configuration, it can be carried in a Toyota car, which means that the technology has basically entered the mature stage.

The new Camry is equipped with the latest generation of TSS, Toyota Safety Sense, which includes PCS pre-collision Safety system, DRCC dynamic radar cruise control system, LTA lane tracking assist system and AHB auto-adjusted high beam system. It can achieve quasi-L2 level autopilot. The system continues to cover all but the lowest entry level Camry models.

PCS pre-collision safety system adds the function of identifying cyclists and pedestrians during the day and pedestrians at night; New intersection steering auxiliary function and emergency steering auxiliary function. DRCC dynamic radar cruise control system can realize the function of full speed domain car following; Added curve speed control function, can control the driving speed when turning. LTA lane tracking assist system can be linked with DRCC, can follow the car, and to some extent assist steering operation, to keep the vehicle in the middle of the lane. TSS Intelligent Safety System achieves quasi-L2 level of autonomous driving through the coordination of these three systems.

Driving all the way in the most beautiful countryside in Wuyuan, you always have a steady sense of control, the double power intervention of engine and motor makes you more confident, and no matter how indulgent, the fuel consumption is maintained at about 5.6L, which is the important reason why Camry's double engine is accepted by many people. Borrowing the opportunity to change in the middle, GAC Toyota for the new Camry double engine hybrid version of a new leading version of the model, the price is only 219,800 yuan, Camry double engine hybrid model threshold was reduced by 20,000 yuan. It can be predicted that double engine will be the new Camry to stabilize the market share of the important weight.

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