Everything You Need To Know About Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery is the process of lifting up your breast to reduce sagging and improve her appearance. If the nipple and areolae are pointing downward or drooping downwards, then this surgery helps to lift them up. People get confused between breast augmentation and breast lift. Let me tell you both are different and could be done together if needed by you.

The consultation process before any surgery is extremely important. So choose your breast surgeon well and discuss the cost of breast lift, recovery process after the breast lift surgery and the things that you need to take care of before the surgery.

Consider All These Things For Breast Lift Surgery

breast augmentation

Do you need a breast lift?

A woman’s chest may start drooping due to a lot of reasons. When your breasts are sagging and the nipples face downward, then you can consider a breast lift. The surgery also reduces the areolae size along with improving the shape of your breasts. Making it appear fuller and firm.

You might consider mastopexy if:

* Your breasts are flatter and longer due to stretching, so they start to sag.

* When your chest is unsupported then the nipple might fall below the crease of breasts.

* You have downward-pointing areolar and nipples.

* Out of proportion of the areolae in comparison to the breasts.

* Uneven breast, one is uneven and sags more than the other.

Consultation With A Plastic Surgeon

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Past health:

Your plastic surgeon will ask for a medical history, checking for any complications or risk beforehand. They will check for mammograms also called breast x-ray scans. Definitely check for cancer or any abnormalities that can affect during surgery. If you had any surgeries recently or a medical condition, share it with your surgeon.

Physical tests:

Depending on the position of the nipples and areolae, the surgeon will examine your chest area to determine the best procedure. He will measure your breast size, skin quality and best lift height for your body type. They will also take photos for medical documentation.

Talk about final results:

Convey to your breast surgeon, what your end goal is from your perspective. Tell them why you need breast surgery, what your appearance should look like. Understand all the risks and complications of the surgery.

Post Surgery Recovery

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The operated area may be slightly bruised and swollen for up to 2 weeks. Numbness may last for 4 weeks, along with discomfort near the incisions. Nipples may feel sore and may appear pinker than usual. However, the surgeon will provide you pain medication for the first 2 weeks.

With time, the scars fade and become inconspicuous.

What to do after a breast lift?

* Take pain medication prescribed by your doctor.

* Visit your surgeon for follow up exams.

* Wear the surgical support bra, all the time for at least 2 weeks.

* Keep yourself covered from harsh sunrays.

What not to do after mammoplasty?

* Avoid sexual activity for 2 weeks.

* Avoid bending, lifting, and straining for 2 weeks.

* Resume daily activities after asking your surgeon.

Final conclusion

As usual, talk with your surgeon, convey what you want as the end result. Make sure you follow instructions carefully. Take rest for a week before resuming work. In one month period, your breasts will start looking better in shape and appearance. Check back with your cosmetic surgeon for any post-surgery difficulties.

Dr Siddharth Prakash is an Internationally trained, award winning Cosmetic Surgeon practicing in the vibrant city of Mumbai. He is a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) and is associated with top hospitals in Mumbai. Dr Siddharth Prakash specializes in all cosmetic surgeries including Liposuction, Tummy Tuck Surgery, Fat Grafting, Blephroplasty and Rhinoplasty. His special interest is Breast Augmentation, Facelift, Body Contouring, Dimple Creation, Breast Reduction and Breast Lift.
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