Buy a retail space in M3M Urbana Premium, Gurgaon

M3M Urbana Premium

Locational advantages

While purchasing a commercial property, it is necessary to consider the locational perks and constraints carefully. For instance, a retail shop in a locality that does not house enough families would result in poor footfall. Therefore, whether a property would be worth purchasing largely depends on its location. However, you wouldn’t need to worry about your business facing any locational disadvantages in this complex. The M3M Urbana Premium price list is quite reasonable considering the strategic location and the rising land rates.

Large catchment area
The high population of residents around the project
Easy connectivity to other commercial hubs
Excellent civic infrastructure
Rising property prices


M3M Urbana Premium


For modern businesses, the amenities available in a commercial project are yet another important thing to consider. Various amenities facilitate business activities, draw potential shoppers and create a refreshing environment. This project includes features such as:

Seating areas
CCTV coverage
Dining spaces
Wi-Fi connectivity and more

M3M Urbana Premium office space

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