Retirement Housing Clovis - Oregon's Best

If you're thinking about a change of scenery or a long vacation, and want to get away from the normal living places you might have understood, then contemplate Clovis Oregon to your retirement housing. There are several residents who have chosen this area as their permanent home since it is near all the attractions of the area, including; Oregon's famous wine country, the beautiful Rogue River, the famous Mount Hood Weathervane Museum, the Clovis Art Gallery and Clovis Golf and Country Club. With everything close by, there are a lot of reasons why this area is best for you to get away from your everyday life and enjoy your retirement years in Clovis. The Clovis real estate agents will offer you top dollar for your house or apartment because this place is a great retirement living room. When you choose to retire here you will be surrounded by beauty, recreation and convenience, not to mention the friendliness of the people here.

Among the main roads which runs through Clovis is South Main Street, which has been a favourite dining and shopping place for decades. Along this road is also a significant business center, including such areas as KFC, McDonald's, Best Buy, Sam's Club, Kinko's and more. You will discover everything you want in one place, along with the proximity to this makes Clovis the most perfect place to live in for everyone who wants to escape and forget about the daily grind of life.

Another reason Clovis is such a superb retirement housing community is as it's so close to significant cities. You will be able to take long car trips, sightseeing trips and spend some time in the beautiful Corral Hwy. Just down the street from Clovis is the lovely Sherwood City Ski Resort, which is the very first ski hotel built in Corral Hwy. Down the road from Clovis is the beautiful Ashland Washington retirement area where you can enjoy everything from walking around the beach to appreciating the swimming pool and relaxing at the hot tub. There are plenty of chances to live your retirement lifestyle in one of these areas, making it easy to escape from everything else for a little while.

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