MY FIRST Dirt Bike Air Filter

Trailer this can carry both my bike and the other red honda bike if i needed to plus my brother-in-law's yamaha xt 250 which you've seen on the channel before maybe anyway that's it for this video uh next i'll be tackling the wheels and taking those to the dealership for mounting but i've never taken wheels off a motorcycle before so that should be interesting and a couple other little odds and ends so stay tuned for that and thanks.

Dirt Bike Air Filter Air Filter Plus Tips

dirt bike air filter

Washable Air Filter at Clear Air Box Issues

washable air filters

I’m doing this without further instructions so please forgive me for any mistakes I may make. now we will start removing parts of the fairing, I’m using a 4mm Allen key that will be used for most of the screws on the fairing, we'll remove the washable air filters following screws starting with this one here that is by the seat and on the right side as well. Now carefully pull back this side piece here to separate the fasteners or however they are called forgive me using wrong name. we will be loosening the screw here as well in a bit. coming back to this side carefully pull this side piece here you see the fastener careful not to yank too hard. jumping up here we are going to go ahead and remove the tank cover, be careful to not drop the metal and clear bushings from these two screws, next we take off these side screws again I’m still using a 4mm Allen key for anyone watching this confused as to what the hell is this guy doing here, again I apologize if I’m doing this out of order or wrong right here
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