3 Ways Preschool Helps Your Child Development

Studies show that children who attend preschool enter primary school with richer vocabulary, better pre-reading skills, and more vital basic maths than those who do not. Yet, so many parents don't think of preschool as a cornerstone of their child's overall development and upbringing and sidestep it altogether.

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Here a few ways a quality preschool can help your child development:

Preschool lays a learning foundation for your child

Preschoolers are naturally curious and observant, noticing what their parents and those around them do. However, at home, there's not much they can learn. This is where preschool comes into the picture, setting the stage for their learning, both academically and socially. Teachers at preschools teach them basic reading and language skills, but they also organise group activities so that every child can develop necessary communication and social skills. This type of learning supports lifelong learning and better growth at all levels.

Preschool helps your child develop emotional, social, and cognitive skills.

Research suggests that the early period of a child's life has a significant impact on their development and future. Poor early development can negatively impact the child's mental and physical health and learn in later life.

On the other hand, healthy early child development, which includes emotional, social, language, and cognitive skills, positively affects the child's mental and physical health, literacy, and lifelong learning.

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Preschool prepares your child for the structured setting of education.

Many children who don't attend a preschool find kindergarten or primary school uncomfortable and develop opposing tendencies and fear of going to school. This is because they have never been out of their familiar setting called home away from their parents.

Preschools play a crucial role in preparing children to be in a structured setting away from parents and home where they learn to communicate with others and follow instructions from their teachers.

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So, you will need to find a good preschool in Bangalore that focuses on helping your child adjust to a new setting without much difficulty.

Bottom line

As parents, we need to realise that preschools are not a way to send your child away from home for a few hours but a crucial step to ensure their healthy development and success in all areas of life.

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