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GIIS offers the famous International Baccalaureate Program for Primary Years (IB PYP) intended for Graders 1 to 5 (age 5 to 12 years) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP) which can be sought after the fulfillment of Grade 10 (students matured 16 to 19 years). It is a particular program that permits students to develop genuinely, mentally, sincerely and morally. GIIS - The Ib school in Singapore began offering IBDP Program from 2005 and the vast majority of the personnel are IB prepared with 60% of them being IB analysts.

3 Components of IB DP

The IBDP Program is a pre-college capability that contains 3 center parts:-

Theory of Knowledge

It is a required subject that empowers basic reasoning and creates remarkable information and comprehension of the learning interaction that can be applied to different subjects. It is measured through an oral show and a 1,600-word paper to realize information level.

Expanded Essay

The student needs to compose an all-inclusive paper on the point which intrigues them in 4,000-word dependent on research. The all-inclusive exposition is obligatory for all students.

Creativity, Action and Service (CAS)

Student need to archive an undertaking (least of one month's span) to exhibit their interest in different encounters with a sensible harmony between imagination (counting expressions, and encounters that include innovative reasoning), Physical action (actual activity important to accomplish a solid way of life), and administration (helping local area)

Subtleties of Other Subjects in IB DP

It likewise has six wide subject groups which students need to decide to create specific information and abilities in points that interest them the most.

students need to pick subject groups from

Language and Literature

Language Acquisition

People and Societies




Students can select extra subjects from a similar group rather than expressions.

students need to take a few subjects at a more significant level (HL) which take 240 showing hours and some at a standard level (SL)which take up to 150 instructing hours. Every student needs to take in any event 3 however not multiple subjects at a more significant level, and the excess at a standard level.

Group 1 (Language and Literature)

● English A:Literature Higher Level

● English A:Literature Standard Level

● English A:Language and Literature Standard Level

● English A:Language and Literature Higher Level

Group 2 (Language Acquisition)

● French abdominal muscle initio Standard Level

● Spanish abdominal muscle initio Standard Level

● French B Standard Level

● Tamil B Standard Level

● Hindi B Higher Level

● Hindi B Standard Level

Group 3 (Individuals and Societies)

‍● Business Management Higher Level

● Economics Standard Level

● History Standard Level

● Business Management Standard Level

● Environmental Systems and Societies Standard Level

● Psychology Standard Level

● Economics Higher Level

● History Higher Level

● Psychology Higher Level

‍Group 4 (Sciences)

‍● Biology Higher Level

● Biology Standard Level

● Chemistry Higher Level

● Chemistry Standard Level

● Computer Science Higher Level

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