A Step By Step Guide - How to Write A Rap Song

Have you ever wanted to write a rap song, but you didn't know where to start? It would be a dream come true for you to make the next rap song that everyone would want to listen to. (Especially that girl you've been crushing on for the last 5 years) Why do you want to write a rap song? Is it something that you've had an idea about for a while, and now is the time to make it happen? Or are you stuck having to write a rap song for a school project, and need some help getting started?

how to write rap lyrics

Step #1- Write Down the Hook

A rap song starts with a hook. Without it, your song is just a story. And why would anyone want to listen to a story? Make the hook memorable and catchy so people can remember your song. A hook is usually just a sentence or two, at most. You could write down the hook on a separate piece of paper and slip it into your pocket. Use the hook at the beginning of your song, but don't make it too long. Remember, the hook is just there to get them interested.

Step #2- Write Down the Story

genres of rap music

Step #3- Write Down a Rhyme and Melody

make your own rap beats

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