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We will deliver the items you order in game, to your base or your freighter. We can also meet you in the Space Station and transfer items.

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At the point when we made Campaigns, we needed every one to feel new, everyone to supply its own turns and differentiations. We are extremely eager to investigate the interactivity and stories that this new mode allows us the opportunity to make. Today denotes the beginning of Foothold, an excursion with a totally different speed and design to the Pioneers Undertaking before it. We trust you appreciate the astonishments it has coming up!

Augmented reality later on?

No Man's Sky

Be that as it may, could this game likewise be arriving in a computer generated experience (VR) structure? PlayStation is dispatching a VR headset, scheduled for discharge not long from now. Murray said VR is an intriguing game structure, however didn't affirm if there would be a VR rendition of "No Man's Sky".

Fix 3.40 – Foothold Endeavor

The subsequent Endeavor, Foothold, starts today. We trust you appreciate the amazements it has coming up.

Added another class of procedural update module for the starship Dispatch Engines.

Fixed an issue that caused inaccurate content marks on Correspondences Stations.

Fixed an issue that forestalled the Exposit boot arrangement from playing accurately in Campaigns mode.

Fixed an issue that could make space rocks meet with player armadas.

Fixed an issue that permitted optional boats to be called when they were out of fuel.

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