5 Tips for Buying Dispatch Console Furniture

As a public-safety answering point (PSAP) or 911 call center, you work long hours terminating sensitive emergency calls. There is constant pressure to perform exceptionally 24/7.

Getting practical furniture for your team can help promote comfort and confidentiality while fostering teamwork.

adjustable height dispatch furniture

Given that most PSAPs get fitment budgets every 7-10 years, you must keep durability in mind.

Does considering all these dynamics sound overwhelming?

Well, we have five quick tips to help you choose the right dispatch console furniture.

1. Identify the Right Manufacturer from Design to Maintenance

Even with the best information, you may overlook some critical aspects that may affect your team's productivity.

That is why a manufacturer that specializes in custom command and control room fixtures is handy.

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Don’t forget that lousy ergonomics risk the responder’s productivity and health.

Think of an adjustable height dispatch furniture that increases blood flow to the whole body, for example.

Remember that even with the highest-quality furnishing, there is a need for maintenance.

A reputable manufacturer should stay with you throughout the lifespan of the tables, storage space, and accessories.

Go for a supplier that guides you through design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

2. Go for Durable Dispatch Console Furniture

The console work environment is 24/7. Your team needs fittings that can withstand the pressure and demands of a dispatch console center.

Some of the materials you should have in mind include the following.

· Engineered wood

· Steel for lifting columns

· Sound dampening textiles

· Recycled materials

Remember that many 9-1-1 dispatchers get a furniture budget every seven years — ensure that your fixtures can stretch to the subsequent funding.

3. Do the Fixtures Support Multiple Functions?

A premium work environment requires innovative furniture that economizes the space. Think of units that turn an ordinary workstation into a conference room, Emergency Operation Center (EOC), or training center.

In such a multi-functional station, the responders can work independently or as a team without moving around.

4. The Furniture should Support other Features

A dispatch console features various amenities such as computers, files, papers, phones, and task lights.

If not well arranged, these items can get in the way and reduce productivity.

Consider fittings that integrate these dynamics seamlessly.

For instance, you can have a movable shelf for personal articles or a phone mount that attaches directly to a wall without additional tools. This makes the workstation neat and puts all the operator’s tools on the fingertips.

5. The Dispatch Furniture Should be Aesthetically Pleasing

It is easy to forget aesthetics as you focus on functionality.

this study

Ideally, a positive workspace makes your team feel good and appreciated in an otherwise demanding job. You can also use engraved logos and chevrons to convey the brand image and company culture.

Go for a manufacturer that can incorporate art into your work environment.


Furniture plays a significant role in promoting job satisfaction, productivity, and safety for dispatch consoles.

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