My Love~내 사랑

나는 연애 생활이 없지만 사랑의 느낌을 알고 있습니다. 나를 대단히 사랑하는 자매가 있다는 것은 정말 운이 좋은 것 같습니다. 그래서 내 사랑은 내 키보드와 내 담요입니다. 네, 아주 재미 있지만 넷플릭스를 보거나 새 노래를 시도하기 위해 블랙 켓에 껴안을 때 따뜻함이 느껴져 행복하고 안전합니다. 그리고 그것이 제 누이와 부모님에게서 느끼는 것입니다. 아름다운 느낌이어서 모든 사람이 좋아하는 것이 있고 그에 대해 느끼는 것이 사랑하는 사람과 함께 느끼는 것입니다.


I do not have a love life, but I know the feeling of love. I feel like a extremely lucky to have a sister who loves me immensely. So, my love is my keyboard and my blanket. Yes, it is very funny but I have a sense of warmth when I snugggle in to my blacket to watch Netflix or try a new song, I feel happy and safe. And that is what I feel whith my sister and parents. It is a beautiful feeling so I feel that every one has something that they like and what they feel about it is something that you are ment to feel with your on beloved.

Hi! I am Sara Garg, born in India, moved to the UK, Live in south Korea and India now. I do not move often. I have bough two homes one in South Korea and one in India. I love everything about both my livings . UK was half of my childhood which I barely remember cause I moved after one month in India. and moved back to India after 5 years, So I am living a happy life here and there!
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