Choosing a Rod: Fishing Line Colors

It's time to wrap up this collection! I've tried to share some knowledge about how to choose your first rod, and learned a lot about choosing a rod myself while doing it. The last topic I want to cover is choosing a line color. Last time I talked about line weight ( and now I want to touch on line color to finish off this collection. The main reason you alter line color is to make the weather conditions: cloudy skies change the way colors appear underwater for the fish, so you should adjust your line color to suit the conditions. Clear/blue fluorescent line: A good all-around line color, especially if you don't care about being able to see your line above the water. If you're fishing a heavily fished area, use this color. It isn't very visible underwater, and slow-biting fish are more likely to go after it. Gold line: Great for low-light conditions when you need to see the fish while still hiding it from fish. Great for dusk and dawn conditions. Brown line: Good for muddy waters and low-light conditions: again, you can see the line, but the fish cannot. Being able to see the line will help you avoid snags. Green line: Good for water with a lot of vegetation and algae. You can see it, but the green water will hide it from the fish. Clear line: If the all-around clear/blue fluorescent isn't working, try a straight clear line. This line won't be as visible to fish, and is good for streams and lakes when fish are slow to bite. And that's it! Now you've got all the pieces of your rod explained. Put them together, and you should be able to find a great pick! If you have any more questions or card suggestions you feel are missing from this collection, please, let me know!

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