Danielle Cohn’s New Song “I’m Done” After her break Up With Mikey Tua.

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A few days ago, Danielle Cohn supported on her behalf Insta-gram stories which she has separated with Mikey Tua. However, she wanted him all the best. She also confirmed that she has much love for Mikey. They have been together for quite a long moment.

When Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua started dating again last year after her split with Ethan Fair, Mikey gave her a promise ring. They always discussed their future together.

Their very first breakup was due to her era controversy, and Mikey's parents taking a stand for their own son. Mikey also stated he did not want currently this type of young girl. After the separation, the Danielle started dating Ethan Fair. But these were not intended to be together they awakened soon. Out of left field, an sound was leaked online and you could readily comprehend Danielle along with her mommy's voice contending over her abortion. Danielle Cohn later affirmed that argument to be true. She outed Ethan Fair while the father and affirmed that he was not there with her at that time of abortion.

Danielle Cohn started dating Mikey Tua again and these were having a great time since then. Mikey left his family and apparently started living with Danielle Cohn and also her loved ones. Danielle also bought a distinct house for Mikey to live in. The song I'm Done highlights how they broke up and she does not feel like going straight back to him .

Danielle Cohn sings about the occasions Mikey whined for her. However, Danielle's fans need him gone from her entire life.

Lots of people still believe that Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua may come back together soon and so they might be doing it just to promote this song. On the other hand, no one writes a breakup song, releases it ASAP and calls ex boyfriend out on social media, all that after saying that there is love for him in her heart.

Before the song I'm Done was published, Brooklyn Queen recorded a TikTok with Mikey Tua having a not-so-cryptic caption:

While Danielle is performed with Mikey, he's apparently not completed with Danielle. At one side, he is posting TikToks with girls all the time. At the opposite side, he's posting mysterious Instagram stories with songs that show he still loves Danielle Cohn.

Is this the final breakup? We will know if the moment comes.

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