How to increase brand awareness online: a detailed guide

Often, companies use the same set of actions: launching contextual advertising on landing pages, optimizing the site for promotion in search, registering accounts and groups in social networks, and setting up targeting. The goal is usually the same-sales right now. They can be understood. But at some point, such a strategy can lead to a dead end, because advertising will simply cease to be profitable.

The path of a person to perform a target action looks somewhat different than it may seem.

People at the top level are not even aware of your existence, so it's not a good idea to immediately offer them something to buy.

How to increase awareness

It is important to light up where the most interested people live. And it is desirable to create a positive image at the same time.

External Content Marketing

Contextual advertising

With contextual advertising, you can not only attract visitors who intend to make a purchase, but also raise awareness about your products and brand in general. In this sense, the Yandex advertising network (YAN) and the Google display network (CMS) work best. Users who see ads on sites don't have the goal to buy something right now. They are under consideration or have not yet thought about buying at all. It's time to get their attention.

A simple example. Recently, I thought about buying a new phone and slowly started searching. Once I looked for something, got distracted and dropped it. But for a week after that, I was followed everywhere by contextual advertising of E-katalog. As a result, when I heard this name once again on one of the YouTube channels, I finally decided to look at the site. And I was looking for it through the search – by brand search.

Well-known brands often use contextual advertising to attract attention to new products and promotions. But this can also be done by not very well-known companies. Even if no one clicks on the ad – it doesn't matter. The main thing is that it was seen.

Display advertising

Banners on websites are placed not only to be clicked on. As in the case of billboards on the roads, the main thing is to draw attention to yourself. Usually, for these purposes, companies are advertised through specialized networks in order to reach as many sites as possible. "Yandex" and Google, for example, also post media advertising.

But the modern disease of online users, called banner blindness, and the great competition forces companies to switch to other, more native types of advertising.

Social network

The presence of a brand in social networks is much more than sales. First of all, it is the provision of useful information that helps solve pressing problems and meets current goals.

Look at the big brands. Do their social media accounts sell 24/7? Otherwise, it wouldn't make sense for users to subscribe to most of them. But they constantly remind themselves of themselves: they post useful information, organize contests, poll subscribers, hype, or just fool around. All this in order to increase customer loyalty or arouse interest.

Since social networks are not only text, but also pictures, it is impossible not to take advantage of this. Branded photos and images are what you need when it comes to increasing brand awareness on the web.

In general, such informational images are much more effective in terms of increasing awareness than simple illustrations. They are readily saved and reposted. But branding images in posts and articles is also a fairly common practice.


Increasing the position in the search results is a big step towards increasing awareness. The closer to the beginning, the more clicks. And needless to say, most users of the web sites in the first positions in the search cause more confidence.

Therefore, no one canceled the work on optimizing the site for search engines. Moreover, the creation of useful content and promotion of information queries can be much more effective in the long run than the usual SEO manipulations with the output.

Opinion Leaders

Demonstrating products and services to the audience of a popular blogger is a very common practice. Although now bloggers in the classical sense have given way to YouTubers and Instagrammers, you can choose an opinion leader of any type to suit your needs. As a rule, the audience of bloggers is more engaged and loyal, so advertising is perceived adequately. Although it depends on where you are located and what you advertise.

Contests, flash mobs, challenges, promotions

The involvement of people in various types of mass activities with subsequent encouragement benefits the company's recognition. This is often used to bring a new product to market. Here, too, you can use bloggers.

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