Top 6 Benefits of Native App Development

Got a business idea? You know the very first thing you would think of is: develop an app! The mobile development field has outpaced web development in many areas. This comes as no surprise as people immediately and almost automatically search for apps first rather than websites. Research shows that Google play had 2.8 million apps as of 2017! The Apple app store was not far behind either- 2.2 million apps.

However, how do we decide which kind of apps work best for our project? Especially when there are three types of mobile app developments to choose from, namely, Native App Development, Web App Development and Hybrid App Development. These types of apps are distinguished by the technology used to code these for different platforms.

Native App Development

Native Mobile App: What it is and isn't

There is no denying that mobile apps make our lives easier. However, choosing an app development approach to create your perfect app is not easy. Choices range from building a single app that works across multiple platforms to develop an application that fully complies with a specific operating platform. The latter approach is called Native application development. In simpler terms, these native apps are built separately for each Operating System (OS), whether Android or iOS.

If you understand what a native app is, it's easy to understand what it is not. Native apps do not offer cross-platform solutions. Instead, app developers predominantly focus on how to cater to the demands of particular mobile operating systems. As a result, they use programming languages such as Java or Kotlin for Android OS and Objective-C or Swift for iOS. Let's find out in detail how native apps work.

How Native Apps Work

Native apps heavily rely on a device's specific OS. This implies that they demand full access to all the hardware and software the device has. Therefore, most app developers use SDK or standardized Development Kit provided by platforms they intend to create the app on. This kit has powerful tools to help develop native apps that deliver excellent performance and user experience.

Popular platforms such as Apple and Google provide IDE, or Integrated Development Environment called XCode and Android Studio respectively. Native app developers use this technology to build their apps.

Hybrid App Development

Top 6 benefits: Why Choose Native App Development?

With all the information and facts stated above, it might still be hard for developers to make a solid choice between Native, Hybrid or other kinds of app development. Well, let's make it easy for you then. Here are the top 6 benefits of Native App development that you should know:

Quintessential Performance:

Ultimate Protection:

Smooth Integration with hardware:

Enhanced UI/UX:

Heavy backup:

Highly Scalable:

With all the information about the Native app development approach stated above, did we make your choice easy for you? We certainly hope so.

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