Mold Testing and Mold Inspection for residential and commercial properties in San Francisco

What is mold?

f you have a mold problem, then you should take the help of professionals for a mold inspection

Importance of mold testing & inspection

Cold weather, summer, and warm weather can cause moisture. Moisture indoors gives rise to mold problems. Mold can grow in the wall, books, clothes, and even toys. But these molds can affect your health, and if you don’t rid of them, they can cause very serious health issues. With a good mold testing and inspection service, you can come up with an effective way to get rid of Molds. No matter if it is a residential or commercial place, the molds can cause problems anywhere.

What is mold testingmold inspection

In a mold inspection, a team of professionals will come to your place to examine the place. If they find any kind of mold, then they will take a sample of it. After taking a sample, they will perform a certain test in the laboratory to know the type of mold you have at your place. Then they will come up with solutions to get rid of mold permanently. A mold inspection can help you avoid any serious health problems.

Things you need to know about mold test and inspection

certified mold expert

·         Mold inspection should look for the last trace of molds. Past mold growth can be a sign of a water leaking problem at your place, and if you don’t fix the leaking, then the mold problem will come back.

·         In a mold inspection, the professionals should look all around the place and especially the corner of the building and the areas where the mold growth can cause structural issues.

·         Some types of mold growth are completely normal. There are few molds that can grow on lumber, and they cause black staining in the wood. If any kind of black staining is found in the woods of the building, then the inspector can take a sample of it and send it to the laboratory.

·         The mold inspector should always look for the sign of moisture. Moisture is one of the big reasons behind molds. Without moisture, the molds can’t grow, so if there is mold growth, then there must be a source of moisture. If the moisture is eliminated, the mold won’t be able to grow.

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