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Sound limiters are becoming more common and are fitted in wedding venues all across the UK. There are several explanations why a venue will have a sound limiter fitted, but the main reason is its location. If the venue is in a residential area there have more than likely been noise complaints to the council, and the venue will have been told a sound limiter must be fitted.

When you hire a band for a wedding, you may be restricted to which type of band you can hire.

A Sound Limiter

A sound limiter monitors the level of noise and volume of the music in the room.

Noise is measured in DB (Decibels), and if the level of volume surpasses a pre-set DB limit, then limiters will inform you and take action by cutting off the supply to the artist. Often a limiter will have a traffic light system.

Green-This is an acceptable level.

Orange-This is a warning that the limit is being approached.

Red-After a few seconds, the limiter will cut the power to the band.

When the power is cut off, it will be restored in around a minute or so.

Check out the chart below to give you an idea of decibel levels.

Now you know what a sound limiter is and what is likely to happen, let’s take a look at some options for a band.

Depending on what level the limiter is set at, a covers band can still perform, and in some cases, will swap out the acoustic drum kit for an electric drum kit which enables them to turn down

the level of the noise.

Another option for the drummer is to use hot rods and brushes.

If you were to hire a jazz band, the drummer generally uses brushes as standard.

Acoustic bands

A Cajon is a box the musician sits on and is used to produce percussive sounds, making it the ideal option.

So it is always a good idea before you book your venue, to check for a sound limiter and the level it is set to. You can check ahead of time with your band or artist to see if they are happy to play at the venue with a limiter in place.

Acoustic band with a Cajon below.

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