Austen Spinoffs: Clueless

Have you seen the movie Clueless that came out in 1995 starring Alicia Silverstone and Brittany Murphy? This movie was always one of my favorites to watch in high school, and I had no idea it was based on an Austen novel at the time! When I realized that it was loosely based on Emma, I loved it even more! If you look at each character in Clueless, and compare them to characters in Emma, you can quickly find who's who! Cher, the main character, is Emma, and the rest fall in line pretty obviously. Some are really easy to tell: the character who replaces Mr. Elton is actually named Elton in this movie adaptation! I really loved Clueless as an adaptation of Emma to a US high school setting. The characters retained their best--and worst--traits well, and it was funny and amusing even if you don't know that it's based on an Austen novel. And if you do, you can analyze it even more! My favorite change from the novel to the movie was (SPOILER ALERT!) the way that Frank Churchill wasn't engaged to Jane Fairfax, but actually turned out to be gay! It was a fun, interesting way to update the lives of Austen's world to a more modern setting. The reason I love this movie as an adaptation of Emma is because it is so accurate in maintaining the character's basic personality, but adapting them to fit the situation. Like Emma, Cher may be clueless, but she's also intelligent: she goes on a rant about why Haitians should be able to come to the USA. Still, like Emma, she is smart without being sensible. Even though she makes this rant, she continues to act like a spoiled brat towards her maid. This movie get five stars from me!! I really loved it; and even if you don't love Austen, you're sure to get a laugh from the witty language and teen rom-com problems. Check out the images and trailer above!

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