Here's How to Know if an Online Casino Is Legit

Understanding the difference between legitimate online gambling sites and scams is simple if you know what to look for. Through years of experience, our experts have developed a set of meticulous criteria that we use every time we test and review a site. You'll be reassured to know that virtually all of our criteria are based on player safeguards: we want your online gaming experience to be risk-free.

For example, we check a site's gaming license and security for starters. We believe that the best online gambling site is a safe site, due to the efforts of the operators and their care for the players. The table below delves into our criteria, so you can understand what we see as the most important topics.

As you read through this lengthy page on the best online gambling sites, you'll discover why we have a reputation for being experts at avoiding scams, but you can also use these criteria to become experts yourself.

Of course, these seven criteria break down into additional factors, depending on which online gambling sites you prefer; we'll go into more detail on the various topics in the coming sections.

A license issued by appropriate authorities


Data Encryption Software

A site must implement up-to-date encryption software and hold a security certificate issued by a reputable IT security company.

Welcome bonuses and appropriate promotions

For suspicious operators, bonuses are the ideal tool to hide scams and traps, but there are still plenty of great offers on gambling sites. To understand how to distinguish scams from legitimate offers, read here.

Responsible gaming

A good gambling site should make sure that its players play without overspending, offering information about the dangers of gambling through so-called responsible gaming.

Professional support service

All operators should always have a group of customer service professionals on hand to help players resolve any doubts or problems through various types of contact methods.

Reliable payment methods

Offering a wide range of reliable payment services to allow players to deposit and withdraw is a great indicator of the security of an online gambling site.

Game Variety and Quality

There are many different types of online gambling sites that you can bet on, but the best ones are those that cultivate a wide range of offerings, suitable for all types of players.

By following these seven safety standards, you will be assured that regardless of which casino or sports betting site we recommend you choose, you will be in good hands.

It's a struggle to evaluate all of these criteria to try and identify the best online gambling sites, but our expert reviewers have already tested all of these operators and found them to be trustworthy.

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