Determine The Seal Of PET Bottles With Secure Seal Tester

PET Bottles are widely used in the packaging industry for different materials like food, beverages, medicines, household products like oil, floor cleaner, etc. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the manufacturer to ensure the quality in terms of the security of the product. And, they perform a test to measure the strength, integrity, and quality. The seal security of the PET Bottle is the best property that arises its sale for various industries. The seal of the product ensures the leakage protection of the product so that the customer can get a safe, pure, and contamination-free product.

Secure Seal tester

Testing Through the Secure Seal Tester

The secure seal tester is used to ensure that the bottle is sealed correctly. The testing equipment uses pressurized air to test whether the seal of the bottle is undamaged or not. At 175 PSI pressure, this test is performed with the test sample immersed in water. If the sample produces air bubbles, then it signifies the seal is not complete, and it must be discarded.

For the best results in testing, Presto provides efficient secure seal testers to PET industries. The company has been delivering the testing tools to several industries for a very long time while ensuring the best safety of the products to be delivered.

What Makes Presto’s Secure Seal Tester Better Than Others

Here are some of the product specifications that make it better than others.

· Its Accuracy range is ±2%

· This Testing tool is available with Digital Control for Pressure Monitoring and Timer

· Test Pressure Range is 175 PSI whereas Equipment pressure rage is 220

· The least Count/Resolution for Digital Pressure Gauge is 1 PSI

· The least Count/Resolution for Input Airline Analog Pressure Gauge is 200 gm/cm2

· It Uses a Power supply of 220V for a Single-phase at 50 Hz

Other Technical Features

· It has Microprocessor-based controls

· You can get automatic sample testing through an easy pressure release mechanism

· Inlet Pressure setting and Preset Timer functions incorporate the accuracy and repeatability of testing

· It is available with Changeable Timer Units in hours, minutes, and seconds

· You will get an inbuilt Calibration facility

· It is equipped with a Digital Pressure display for easy pressure monitoring

· It has an Anodized Aluminum Body with a high tensile plexiglass sheet.

Collaborate With Presto For Best Experience In Testing

testing instruments

· Globally accredited Testing Tool

· On-time Delivery at PAN India Level

· Competitive Market Rates of Secure Seal Tester

· 100% Satisfaction on Testing

Experience ethical business deals for a long-lasting relationship. To know more about the testing tools, you can connect with the experts at +91-9210 903 903 or can mail your query at

PRESTO is the world’s premier testing instruments manufacturer based in New Delhi NCR, India and Redefining the Art of Quality Testing and India’s Premier Bottle Testing Instruments Manufacturers With an industry experience of over 37 years and more than three decades, over 13000+ customers worldwide have used our products which are an epitome of Quality, Reliability and Accuracy.
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