Pride of Thai Design

This is one of the moments we can all proudly say we are Thai!! Who wouldn't be so proud seeing these cute creative pieces which are designed by fellow Thai?? Thai design firm deesawat has displayed their latest outdoor lounge furniture collection at IFFS, the international furniture fair singapore and TIFF, thailand's international furniture fair held in bangkok from march 14th - 18th of 2012. the three pieces of by zero first design each possess a wide base paired with an elongated and tapered backrest. the unique silhouette of the series ultimately informs collection's name - 'the bottle'. the light wood lounge furniture ensemble evokes the shape of a bottle partially obscured from view, as if resting in the sand of the beaches familiar to the designers. the inviting patio pieces are comprised of a large lounge seat and two relaxed chairs handcrafted from sustainable, plantation-grown or reclaimed teak. the wood-formed backrest of the largest unit encompasses more than half of the thick circular seat, realizing a sheltering space from arched timber beams which seem to grow from the base of the unit until joined in a small circle several feet above the center of the lounge chair. the two smaller components of the eco-friendly series are encircled by struts which decrease in size at various lengths from the highest point on the right until the lowest point on the left side.

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