Top 5 best soccer cleats for wide feet 2021

Throughout history, we've observed prodigies like Diego Maradona, Pele, Lionel Messi, and Ronaldo, who showed magic using their feet. But not everyone is born with fantastic soccer skills, right?

But sometimes hard work just is not enough. From time to time, the gear may earn a great deal of difference too! In reality, with all the proper cleats, you can improve your game considerably since it gives excellent protection, comfort, and pops easily to your will.

Today, we are not very likely to concentrate on any kind of soccer cleats but we will examine the best soccer cleats for wide feet.

After trying a host of different brands, I knew that locating soccer boots for wide feet isn't easy. We've compiled a listing of the greatest soccer cleats for wide feet which can make it possible for you to receive improved drastically!



When I had been trying to narrow down a pair of soccer cleats that have been in a position to resist the test of time, it was not very catchy. Considering that Adidas Copa Mundial has been demonstrated to be the very best over and over again.

It not only provides ultimate relaxation, but this is also one of the barely any pairs that were developed to suit anybody, regardless of how narrow or how wide your toes are. But when you use these soccer cleats for the very first time, then you want to give it two or 3 hours to gradually stretch and mold to your feet.

The leather tongue together with fundamental lacing system give you the liberty to tighten the boots based on what's best for you, without the discomfort at all.

Overall, the weight gives a fantastic feel to this shoe, and also the build quality offers great protection and optimum comfort. After analyzing this product for a couple of months, I will say it is but one of those remarkable shoes that a soccer player cannot afford to miss.


+ The Ideal Quantity of cushioning and protection

+ Good durability

+ Super comfort once it molds to your toes


+ The tongue can be somewhat annoying ( you may select to cut it off)


This time Puma actually steps up the game with their brand-new lacing system that essentially allows them to create an individual game and feel for each foot type. Netfit system lets you adapt for broad feet, narrow feet, increase striking zone, or create a lot greater lockdown.

The first break-in is short and these boots are extremely comfortable just in the box. Strike zone can also be covered with Netfit which likewise to Predator cleats increases surface area and enables strike the ball .

For wide footed players, I would advise picking the Low version. The minimal version comprises a split tongue that allows us to completely open the boot up.


+ Netfit lacing Technology allows for an individual feel and match

+ Short Break in time

+ Comfortable and feels ordinary by the box


+ Limited places to operate the lacing method through

+ A bit rigid upper material


These soccer cleats are manufactured from 100 percent synthetic substance. These cleats are lightweight and provide excellent traction. This meansthey do not even feel as though they're in your toes. The dimension of the shaft is low-top in the arch, roughly. They can be found in vibrant colors, and so, ideal for you in the event that you enjoy your cleats to be fun.


+ The upper part of these shoes grips the ball nicely as it’s a nice texture.

+ These cleats are comfy to wear.


+ Width is a bit narrow.


The Adidas ACE17+ Purecontrol is your ideal case of a new pushing boundaries concerning design and quality. Even a laceless, knitted boot isn't only remarkable but also emphasizes the aim for sport perfection.

This brand new variant has a collar that sits higher than the 16+, which makes it a whole bundle. When you slide on the boots, then you'll notice how it squeezes all around your feet whatever the dearth of laces, making it suitable for both narrow and wide feet.

This shoe is created for players who prefer to move at great speeds. You'll not go wrong with this cleat, particularly if you're trying to find a device that offers the ideal quantity of stability and management.


+ Light and comfy


+ Lacks the reactive facet since it's laceless


Which is probably the broadest of the present Nike versions available on the industry. This boot has a playful game collar and this elaborate 3d ordered Flyknit top attack plate. The trendiest thing in my view concerning Obra II is indeed the top. Additionally, the good news for guys like me and you is that the toes are really quite accommodating for wide-footed players. Especially around the toe box area and as a result of this lively fit collar you receive that sock-like sensation if that is what you're looking for.


+ Flyknit top increases friction with the ball

+ Dynamic match collar

+ Spacious toe box


+ Quick Comparison

How to Check when I have a Wide Foot?

It is probably among the most varied body components that we have. So it is up to you to work out exactly what shape your foot really is. The fastest way to know whether you have broad feet would be to ask yourself a question -- Do you have trouble fitting into shoes? Not just soccer shoes but regular shoes in general. If you are purchasing shoes and also you fit into them absolutely each and every time. You do not have feet. If you discover yourself not fitting into regular shoes. Driving to specialty shoe stores to purchase double or triple pairs of shoes that are wide then that is typically a good sign that you actually do have broad feet.

Widest Foot Point?

1 other thing to consider is where is your foot in its widest point? A wide mid-foot usually limits what shoes are you going to fit in greater than such as of wide heel will. A wide heel does not mean that much but if you've got a really wide mid-foot or a really broad forefoot that changes up your choices so far as soccer cleats go.


Another thing to take note is are you flat-footed? If you do have a flat foot generally you will have a tiny bit wider feet. Personally I would say a semi-flat foot or marginally flat-footed but not overly broad. And besides that go with regular foot dimensions.

Proper Soccer Cleat Size?

Among the major things when it comes to getting the appropriate size from your soccer shoe or figure out whether you have a broad foot is a lot of folks do not actually realize what dimensions they require and how their soccer shoes should match. Really go check it out if you do not understand how your soccer shoes should fit.

A good deal of people are wearing their shoes way too big and that's why they're not able to get a good fit from their shoes. One major rule which you will need to live by if you are purchasing soccer shoes is Don't force your foot into a shoe which does not the ideal shape or contour. It's very important to buy soccer cleats that match you properly if you're for instance a size 9 us and pretty much every cleat you attempt fits perfectly at the span but it's too narrow for you. You should absolutely not move half a size up and only say -- okay today the width is fine but the cleats little bit too long. That is not acceptable. If you do not fit in your normal size you should at no point size up into a soccer shoe. Instead, pick a different version that fits you correctly on your shoe size.

Guide to Buying Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet

Only buy from trusted online merchants or web stores

A lot of online shops can be found. While a few are valid, others may scam you for the money or offer you fake soccer cleats. You also need to be skeptical of the source.

Consider the return policies of available online stores

On occasion the soccer cleats you buy online may not fit properly. Take into account if the online shop you're intending to buy from has reputable return policies or if they can replace the soccer cleats. A fantastic online shop features a reliable coverage on returns. If they lack the return policy, try someplace else to stop losses if the shoe doesn't fit well or has been ruined.

Compare the prices

A number of the available shops on the internet can overprice the cleats, there might be others selling the very same cleats at a cheaper price. In both cases, it is wise to compare the prices before purchase. Additionally, you need to be skeptical of those which are too appealing to prove accurate. They could be fake or poor-quality soccer cleats.

Ensure you safely keep the receipts in case something goes amiss

The original receipt will be required if you aren't pleased with the purchase. Maintaining receipts has to be done in order to prevent negative situations and potential losses.

Examine the customer reviews of this store

Reading a few of the feedback from other clients allows you to be certain you buy top soccer soccer cleats for broad feet. This demonstrates also the seller offers legitimate products.

Selecting Wide Cleats According to Design

Even though there are soccer cleats for the exact foot size, things you restrain comprise the collars, laces, and color of soccer cleats. These factors are crucial when you have a thing for aesthetics and if you desire to coincide with the cleats to your team's uniform.

Keep in mind how that you need your cleats to look is all up to you along with your preference. A whole lot of brands provide cleats which are color-customizable, allowing you to embrace personal creativity. There are many designs for you can choose from.

The collars offer protection of their ankle and closely fit your feet however it is dependent on you if you want them.

The lace is an element that is most customizable in the shoe since it ensures the shoes are intact and snug. Also, it increases the element of art.

What to Consider When Selecting Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet

Many cleat types assist in your type of playing, thus it is essential to be aware of the way that you play before buying a pair. Additionally, the type of pitch you will be playing on is vital also since some of these cleats offer better performance on particular pitches. By way of instance, natural turf or grass.

It's a challenge for gamers with broad feet to acquire the right cleat that suits nicely, that is the reason why you'll find different products available on the industry specifically made for such players. Be mindful not all them are good.

Moreover, the player's soccer boots ought to have the upper material made from leather to permit elasticity. These soccer shoes tend to be comfy and match the user perfectly because they expand to match the form of the foot. It's correct that wearing the wrong size will impact your performance particularly if they're too tight.

The stud's quality can be crucial since the substance's functionality differs when using the boots on hard or soft surfaces. Getting an exact soccer cleat is vital to avoid harm while playing. You may think selecting wide cleats is a challenging experience, but in this section, you'll find the essential information to get with confidence.

How to Select Soccer Boot Size Online

Purchasing different cleats from multiple brands can prove tricky. Manufacturers and brands have different models and their dimensions can differ from other brands sizing. The wrong size of shoes will affect your performance which is crucial in this game.

When purchasing online ensure you run broad research prior to buying since the size could be different from what you anticipated.

Also, examine the size testimonials and the return policies to get to understand what you may expect from the experience.

Most Suitable Materials that Mold to Your Feet

The top section of ordinary soccer cleats consists of synthetic material or leather. But for players with broad feet, the top kangaroo leather is a better recommendation since they mold to the feet, enabling the shoe to be comfortable and maximizing how you play.

You have to consider the importance of comfortable shoes on your toes. They have to fit snugly on your toes to avoid injuries.

What Soccer Cleats Types are for Wide Feet?

The soccer cleats feature multiple fashions made for different field positions. Bearing in mind, you will find out that there are soccer cleats available on the marketplace which caters to broad feet needs.

The low-cut: ' are majorly used by gamers looking for light substances. The low-cuts allow the player to run whilst in the field.

Mid-cuts: are appropriate to defensive backs, wingers, and right backs because they feature support and maneuverability.

High-tops: is appropriate for the forwards due to their ankle extension, which offers support in lateral movements.

There are wide cleats for a specific pitch such as the detachable and the molded.

The detachable cleats feature high versatility because they're interchangeable meaning you'll be able to use them on any type of pitch. Since studs enable replacing, you can modify the cleats to match the pitch you're planning to use. On the other hand, the removable cleats have a tendency to be more costly than the molded cleats.

Molded soccer cleats are mostly used in turf pitches and difficult grass surfaces because they provide better grip. They also feature a harder grip since they're permanently fixed to your shoe outsole.

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