The story of devastating loss, miraculous find and the good times Which follow

Hi! Today I wish to tell you a story of the most devastating loss and the many astounding find. Oh , my life was ruined just a few days back when I lost my stupid dearest loved and loathed galaxy s9 telephone... I don't understand where it happened, but at some point I realized I did not have it anymore. . This is really a disaster...

Well, half the problem has been solved by having my phone unlock only by fingerprint. So none of the advice I believe should be in danger, bank accounts ought to be secure. And this is not about security and pitfalls of losing one's phone. . This isn't even about the quest of having no phone for a couple hours. . Would you do this? hehe. . I lived. . No. . This is all about all those missing memories, all the videos and photos I've dropped on the telephone. . Plus who knows these days, you find on TV they can divide into people's phones, so gotta be careful. .

Google & Facebook to the Rescue

But as you might have realized, my first urge was to revive all my missing"life's data". . And then went to google first. As you might be aware, google along with android enable seamless backup of your videos and photos. And that was my own salvation for a couple of hours, while I had been copying all of the pictures and photographs and videos I have had system back up through recent years. PRAISE GOOGLE! LOL. . I'm very religious, atheist instead, but I've said it! =)

But after a few hours old and recent memories, I realized there was a enormous LIVE porting on these missing. Yeah, all of the stuff I've ever did live via facebook, those videos were lost. . I wanted them... I simply can not sleep till I have all my videos again...

And so I turned to facebook. . A lot of these videos there were special and not available anywhere else. . And I needed them... And I found the solution, after looking around. This was that the facebook movie downloader which assisted me ultimately.

Thanks, Youtube Video Downloader which also works with Facebook!!!

And therefore I used this quite well made and easy to use facebook downloader support. All you really do is after:

1. Go into facebook and open the movie you would like to download

2. Click it tap and hold until menu pops up to show that the VIDEO URL, that you just pick and then replicate it from the box utilizing CTRL+C or tap-n-hold + COPY in the menu.

3. Go to facebook video downloader website, click in the box, glue the video URL with right click + paste or tap-n-hold and glue in the menu.

4. Press GO, wait a minute

5. On next screen, click large red download hd video button

That is all!

youtube to mp4

After finding this website, I have had all of my facebook videos revived back into my new phone in a matter of hours (yes, I am a video enthusiast, there was about 60 movies...)


It's very easy to download videos from facebook. You should try it out!! And if you are interested to revive your youtube library, have a look at keepvid, it works for youtube to mp3 conversion... Don't stress, restoring and downloading your videos is fully valid and OK to do. It's even OK to download your workplace party movie and keep it on your phone. . It is you there to begin with! =)

Hope this report helps.

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