Python Vs. Java-Battle of The Best Web Development Language

Python and Java rank top in the plethora of programming languages, both sets against each other and give severe competition. Coming up with the best between two is a tough choice, but still, in the end, we have to choose one according to our project requirements.

To make the right choice, it’s worth making a detailed comparison of both the languages and understanding their functionalities, features, and everything. Because we have heard, read, even experienced, and implemented a lot. Both languages are trying their best to take the top position in the programming world.

However, Python dominates the web development world owing to its popularity and seniority. Java has also shown significant advancement over this period and giving tough competition to other languages.

In short, you need perfect guidance. Don’t worry, peeps, I have prepared a detailed guide for you. It will give you a better understanding of both languages and help you make the right choice.

So, let’s begin the battle of best between Python Vs. Java.

What is Python?

Guido van Rossum introduced Python in 1991. It is an interpreted, high-level, plus general-purpose programming language. The design philosophy maintains code readability with its important use of indentation.

What is Java?

James Gosling developed Java and launched it in 1995. It is a general-purpose, class-based, object-oriented programming language designed to reduce implementation dependencies. The language is fast, secure, and reliable.

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Java Vs. Python- Which is more popular?

According to the web development stat, Python is the most used programming language, whereas Java ranks second.

The images shown below represent the popularity of the top web programming languages prevalent in the market.

According to Google Trend results, too, Python enjoys more significant popularity than Java and its worldwide.

Therefore, both Python and Java rules successfully with a slight difference in the market.

Now it’s time to make a detailed comparison of the features of Java and Python. Let’s begin.

Python Vs Java-A Detailed Comparison

ParametersPythonJava SpeedPython is an interpreted language, and it determines the data type at runtime. Thus it's slower.

Java is faster comparatively as it is compiled and takes less time for code execution.Popularity

Recently, Python has gained tremendous popularity in the developed countries.

Java is also popular, but currently, it's facing stiff competition.

FlexibilityPython is very flexible and provides different methods for solving the same problem. Java has strict rules on creating features and is less flexible when it comes to problem-solving.

ArchitecturePython decodes the bytecode into machine code stored in a different folder, not translated at runtime. Therefore, the bytecode is shared across Python Virtual Machine, where the exact code executes.Java offers a run-time environment for code management. It provides a seamless experience to web developers. The language translates Java bytecode into ML, which can compile at the execution's time.

Quickness & Manageability

Python is faster than Java, that's why it's preferred more but comparatively, Java is more portable.

Due to JVM, Java can run a Java program on any device while Python needs a compiler. Programming Features

Python is a scripting language and typed dynamically.Java is a compiled language and typed statically.Favoured Applications

Python is preferred for ML, AI, IoT, etc.

Java is preferred for both web and mobile app development.

Coding Style

Python has fewer coding lines and therefore is preferred.

Java is pretty wordy and needs more coding lines.

Developer Experience

Python is new as compared to Java. Thus the language is keeping its developers happy and inspired.

Java is an old language and enjoys its own set of developer loyalty existing for a long time.

Writing Style

Python uses indentation; thus, code is easily readable and more error-free.

Java uses curly braces, which aren’t as easily readable and get more error-prone.Whitespace

Whitespace is a part of Python's syntax. The language's snippet is a few lines shorter than Java's snippet.

Java ignores Whitespace. The language's snippet proves better than the Python snippet, especially in massive programs.

Legacy Systems

Python is effective in adapting legacy systems and makes gradual changes.Java tends to entirely rewrite and revise legacy systems that get cumbersome and time-consuming.Code Readability

Python has a linear and smaller scattered coding format than Java. E.g., you don't have to put a semicolon at the end of every station here. Hence, it's more readable.

Java has a bit more complex and challenging coding process than Python. Its usage of curly braces is relatively high. The language is less readable than Python.

Programming Approach

Python encourages the ‘literate programming approach’ that provides a single document containing code, pictures, graphs, etc.Java uses a concise syntax method that essentially uses code to create apps. Both other machines and developers read the code.

Community Support

Python has 1,637 user groups in 191 cities plus 37 countries with 860,000+ representatives. It has events like PyCon and PyLadies for females to meet and code unitedly.Java has Java User Groups (JUGs), some of the most widespread coding groups globally. It has events like JavaOne that show no signs of its slowdown.Code Compilation

Python compiles code at runtime.Java does it in advance and divides the bytecode.Easier Usage

Python is simple to learn for novices and has a smaller learning curve.Java is a developer’s choice but has an enormous learning curve in comparison.

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When Should You Choose Python?

Developers can go with Python development company when they are developing:

ML apps



Computational apps


OS (Operating System)

Web apps and frameworks

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When Should You Choose Java?

Whereas, you can choose to hire Java developers in India when you are developing:

Desktop apps

Data processing apps

Embedded applications

Enterprise-level solutions

Mobile and web apps

So, Who Wins the Battle Between Java & Python?

We have already witnessed stiff competition between the two programming language stalwarts – Python and Java in the previous years.

In the comparison, we have seen that Python is trending among developers and showcasing many potentials to beat Java in the race. In contrast, Java is also giving a tough competition and maintaining its supremacy in the market with the quality services of top software development companies in India

Java is still holding a number one position with its excellent competencies. But, Python is growing exponentially, especially in the developed countries, as we have read above.

According to some authentic sources, it's found that Python will soon overtake Java in the market. The reason is being contributed heavily to cutting-edge technologies like data science, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, machine learning, etc.

It will be exciting to see who surpasses whom! Whoever it is, the web developers in India are indeed in for a treat!

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