Can Physical Therapy Help Recover From Fracture

People are usually familiar with physiotherapy and its importance when it comes to fractures. But, some people are not enthusiastic about it because they are not sure if it will help them come back to their normal life again. A minor fracture can cause much damage to your body so you know a major fracture can be much worse.



The physical therapist will evaluate the injury to ensure the correct therapy for you. This will include:

- Post-surgery muscle strength testing

- Pain evaluation

- Range of motion and movements of the joints

- Flexibility evaluation

- Posture Analysis

- Gait Assessment

- Functional assessment to evaluate the after effects of injury on body

This will help the therapist to fully understand the condition and accordingly to develop an individualized treatment plan. This treatment plan can include exercise therapy, preventive care, changes in life style , wearing and removing sling(if required), etc.

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The first question that pops in a lot of people’s minds is how long will it take. Before you start physiotherapy, it is very important to understand that every injury is different and every patient is different, the degree of pain is different, everyone’s age is different, the immune system differs and the after-effects post-surgery are different. So, it would be wise to not compare your injury or recovery time with others.

Usually, a fracture can be healed in eight to ten weeks, but as mentioned above, it will depend on your condition, age and how well you and your body will respond to the therapy.

After three sessions, your therapist should be able to give you a rough idea about how much time it is going to take.

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