BoA looks fresh with bangs

BoA recently cut her bangs and now looks even younger than before. She released her second teaser through her official website. In the teaser, BoA looks fresh with cut bangs. However, she also looks sad and lonely while looking out into the distance. This represents BoA’s two different sides, as a girl and as a lady. BoA will promote herself in a unique way prior to her return with her seventh album. She will appear in a 15 second TV commercial with subtitles. The commercial will start airing on July 19 at 7:19 in the evening through SBS until July 22, the day when she will release her new song “Only One.” The song will be pre-released on July 22 through several music sites, including, iTunes, Genie, Olleh Music, and Melon. The song will be released offline on July 25. BoA will appear on her return show BoA 4354 on July 28 at 12:05 in the afternoon and will perform “Only One” for the first time. Source: Money Today

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