Infinite Dongwoo uploaded new pic on their Google+ Channel!

Infinite's Google+ has been updated. Dongwoo said , "Hahahaha be active even though it's hot!!!? and also be active in this bumpy car ~~~ Don't stay only in a room, work out hard! hmm..~.~ I feel like I'm a personal trainer. I nag sometimes lol" omg.... he is sooooo cute >_<

빙글의 화석을 꿈꿉니다. 유머자료 주로 업로드하고요, 연예계에도 관심 많아요^,^ 유머 컬렉션, 아이돌 패션화보 컬렉션 자주 업로드하니 팔로 많이 해주세용!
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