What To Buy with Bitcoin: 9 Car Companies That Accept Bitcoin

Are you still thinking about what to buy with your Bitcoins? How about investing in something long-term quality and practical properties: cars!

When Satoshi Nakamoto released Bitcoin in early 2009, market analysts and investors deemed them to be a fad. Now in its over one decade of existence, almost everyone and everything in the digital world either knows what they are and/or uses their services and benefits.

While some national governments fail to see their potential through deregulation, many of their industries and start-up companies are actually increasingly digital natives. From finance to the entertainment sector, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the ideal ‘Internet currency’.

So, if you are still wondering where to invest or use your Bitcoins, we guarantee you that you have a plethora of options. On this page, for instance, we’ll guide you through the top 10 car companies in the automotive industry that accept crypto.

Top 10 Car Companies

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1. BitCar

The company name is pretty obvious, but what you might not know is that its products span across the entire auto industry. From motorbikes to luxury sports cars, you can also buy yachts with Bitcoin. Founded in 2016, BitCar is branded as the world’s first Bitcoin-only auto dealership platform.

Most of its cars are in Europe, as they mainly source exotic and luxury brands. In fact, part of its collection are old-timer classic cars, even including 1982 Excalibur Phaeton and 1927 Franklin 11B, to name a few. Wherever you may be, BitCar delivers worldwide, as its services also contain export customs paperwork.

2. Post Oak Motor Cars in Houston, Texas

This seasoned company is the first Bentley, Bugatti, Karma and Rolls-Royce dealership to accept Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. What’s even nicer with its website is that it has a page solely dedicated to Bitcoin inventory for faster Bitcoin transactions and seamless financing assistance.

As of yet, Post Oak Motor Cars’ services are limited within the state, where customers pay using BitPay. The latter is an Atlanta-based Bitcoin payment service provider. So, stay tuned for the meantime because part of the company's plans is to expand its reach of customers outside Texas.

3. Classic Recreations in Oklahoma

Ford Mustang using Bitcoin and other virtual currencies

As said before, the business is also open apart from Bitcoin. This includes Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Docademic. For safer, more secured and seamless transactions, it even has its own electronic wallet addresses.

4. Stephen James BMW Enfield in Enfield Town, England

BMW is known for its two strong points: quality and reliability. Its excellence lies in its wide range of products and services. From brilliant cars to luxurious status symbol models, there is one for every type of client. Now with Bitcoin through BitPay, you can achieve all of these benefits in no time. As of writing, here are its latest offers:

• BMW 118i SE 5-door

• BMW 118i M Sport

• BMW 218i M Sport Gran Tourer

• BMW 320i M Sport Saloon

• X2 sDrive18i Sport

5. Carriage Nissan in Atlanta, Georgia

In terms of having a practical, premium quality, and reliable product, that’s where Nissan comes in. Using Bitcoin, experience to drive a car that comes from the former largest electric vehicle in the world. Unlike other car dealerships mentioned above, Atlanta-based Carriage Nissan securely handles every transaction through the payment processor Coinbase. It is a global crypto exchange platform founded in 2012.

However, the only lacking service in this business is finance and lease options with Bitcoin, which are briefly not available. Instead, payments must cover the full price that includes tax, tag, and title.

6. E-Z Rent-A-Car in Orlando, Florida

While the mentioned companies before are car dealerships and classic restorations, at no.6, we have a car rental company based in Orlando, Florida. With crypto as one of its payment options, making rentals becomes much easier and simpler for everyone, even including the tourists.

Persuade Loyalty’s CryptoRewards Exchange (CRE)

7. Lamborghini Newport Beach

Heads up Lambo fans in Orange County, the only authorised Lamborghini factory in the district (also the largest Lamborghini dealership in the U.S.) gives you a sweet, sweet ride through its crypto payment options.

Like Lambo, virtual currencies are hotter than ever right now. It started accepting Bitcoin way back in 2013, whereas the other different types of digital assets are still not yet released. In the meantime, take a look below at some of the available models you can expect:

• SVJ Roadster

• Huracan EVO RWD Spyder


• SIAN Roadster


• Huracan STO

8. Bernie Moreno Dealerships in Cleveland, Ohio

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9. Bob Moore Auto Dealers in Oklahoma

Like Bernie Moreno Dealerships, Bob Moore Auto Dealers also accept the three leading virtual currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Its payment service provider, however, is Aliant Payments. What makes this giant company better is that it keeps expanding the service into other locations that sell Jaguar, Jeep, Land Rover, Maserati, and many more.

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