What Is Included In Fire Emergency And Evacuation Plan?

Have you ever wondered what happens during a fire emergency and evacuation? Well, the happening of an emergency evacuation differs from case to case and depends greatly on the type of building.

fire emergency and evacuation plan

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The Australian Standards for Emergency Evacuations

The safety standard that businesses should adhere to while planning an emergency is the AS 3745:2010 standard. The standard guideline outlines the minimum requirements to establish, validate and implement an emergency plan.

The standard focuses on providing protection for the occupants and visitors. According to the standards of the Australian fire safety department, every sector in an office should practice an emergency evacuation drill at least 12 months once.

The drill practice helps the employees act proactively in case of fire.

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What Happens At The Time Of Emergency Evacuation?

Though the plan will differ based on the situation and the type of building, most evacuation plans have a similar structure, which is as follows.

The first thing that happens during a fire breakout is the onset of alarms. Most of the organisations have distinct alarms conveying different threats.

On hearing the alarm, one should be prepared to leave the building as soon as possible.

In case the power line has been compromised, emergency lights will kick in. One should follow the emergency lights and the exit signs throughout the building as long the path remain unobstructed. If a safety warden accompanies you, make sure you follow their instructions.

Depending on the type of building, you may have access to evacuation maps available on the walls. If you get one, find your way out with its help.

Leave the personal items behind as it may interfere with reaching a safe place.

Final Words

To have a smooth evacuation in case of emergency, it is necessary that you make sure everything from alarm to lights is in perfect conditions. Contact the fire emergency and evacuation plan service and plan your evacuation precisely for a safe working environment and smooth fire evacuation in times of an accident.

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