Torguard Review: Why Is It So Good?

Every year, starting at Thanksgiving, they offer a special deal for their clients. Today they are offering their annual anonymous on service coupon. With this great deal, you get a free Torguard VPS for yourself or for a friend. To get your free anonymous vpn service, simply visit their website, enter your email address and verify your account. Once you have verified your account, you will then be able to order your anonymous in service.

In addition to the anonymous in service, you will also enjoy great customer support, monthly billing, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, and unlimited MySQL databases. These are just a few of the great things that you will get when you purchase a Torguard VPS. One of the newest additions that Torguard has added to their product line is Streaming Accelerator. This software allows you to stream live video from different sites, such as YouTube, Metacafe, and others, instantly without having to download and upload long streaming videos.

Why would you want to stream video using Torguard? There are many reasons. First of all, if you are an entrepreneur or business owner, streaming video is a must. If you are making online videos, you know how time consuming it can be. Plus, if you don't have a lot of experience making streaming videos, it can take you forever to make an effective one. However, with Torguard's streaming services, all you need to do is upload your video file, select your web server and then you're ready to go!

Of course, another reason to use Torguard is because it provides you with a lot of options when it comes to online chatting. Whether you want to have an online chat on a social networking site, a quick online chat on a forum, or you want to have a live online chat with your customers and prospects, Torguard has everything you need. With the latest additions to their service, they now offer unlimited anonymous on services, streaming acceleration, video conversion, and much more. All of these options are highly useful for those who want to secure their identity and their identities on the Internet.

If you are going to use torrent traffic to promote your website, there are a couple of things that you should know. First, while it is true that a good torrent traffic program can certainly increase your traffic numbers, the popularity of most popular torrent sites means that their terms of service include some pretty dangerous elements. This means that your customers aren't going to be protected if a site is hacked into or if there is some sort of virus or spyware installed. While it might not be true that every single torrent site is dangerous, you do have to be aware of the threats that exist. Therefore, you should always look into the online customer service policies before choosing to use a torrent vpn service.

What Torguard does that other systems don't is offer a kill switch. In fact, the company claims that this is the first service to offer a kill switch. The kill switch functions just like a traditional password system where a user can disable their access to the Internet if they so choose. The company has been in the business of offering solutions for network security and network management for quite some time and it looks as though they have struck gold with Torguard. This is one of the best networking solutions out there and you will appreciate that the customer support is incredible.

Overall, Torguard has received excellent ratings from both the mainstream press and independent review panels. You can feel safe in the knowledge that the company takes serious security issues very seriously and that they have put measures in place to ensure that you and your online friends are protected. It is hard to find better customer support than that offered by Torguard and when you combine that with the fact that the price is low and you have the perfect solution to protect yourself and your network from the threat of hackers, then you have found a winner.

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