5 Paw-some Pet-Friendly Destinations in India

Love for traveling and exploring new destinations runs in your blood but can’t go on a trip as your dear pet is going to miss you a lot during your trip? But, finding a pet-friendly hotel to stay in is still a big challenge in itself because only a few hotels agree to accommodate the tourists with their pets.

A few years back, no hotel or homestay allowed to stay with pets but now some hotel and homestay owners are understanding the perspective of tourists. At several destinations, tourists can get full access to all the basic amenities and common areas for pets.

Here, we are going to tell you about 5 amazing paw-some pet-friendly destinations in India.


Just think that if you got the chance to explore a mini France in India with your paw-some friend, sounds amazing! Yes, this dream can be true in Puducherry because of the Dune Eco Village and Spa. This is one of the most eco-friendly hotels with access to pets. Exploring the French architecture, buildings of the 17th century and, widespread clean and calm beaches on the southern coasts of India with your pet will give you the ultimate feel of traveling.


This little town situated in the lap of hills of Uttarakhand is one of those pet-friendly locations where a trip of 3 to 4 days with your pet will be unforgettable. A resort named The Emerald Trail allows tourists to stay with their pets. Moreover, from all the rooms of this resort, you can get a clickable view of the Kumaon Valley and the forest at two different contrary sides. Here, in this resort, there is sufficient open space for your pet to run. Those who feel close to nature and love to explore the mountain villages must make a trip to Bhimtal with their pets.


Mahabaleshwar tour packages


Those vibes with the blue beaches of the Arabian Sea, white sand, churches, music, nightlife, luxury, and seafood are sufficient to remind you of Goa. Arco Iris, a 200-year-old Goan house, offers you the best pet-friendly accommodation in Goa. The view outside this homestay will make you love this place.


Where above-mentioned destinations were view-oriented whereas this destination is more about exploring rather than the view. Pushkar is a popular Hindu pilgrimage town in Rajasthan. For a family trip with your pet, this place is a must-visit. Sheer melody of devotional songs, prayers with the fragrance coming out of temples will give you a different spiritual vibe. The Foothills Camp, an accommodation center surrounded by hills is pet-friendly and the typical Rajasthani hospitality of the hotel staff will make you a fan of Pushkar.

If you visit Pushkar, don’t forget to try Sindhi food items here along with the famous Kadhi-kachori.

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