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Or, looking at the help desk levels of IT assistants from the other side, proving the cost of additional help desk staff can be very difficult. Especially when a business, or especially a fundraiser, describes the incident (or service request) after IT failure to help desk people, practices, and IT service management technology (ITSM) have inconsistencies between staff analysis and volume analysts.

While IT help desks are about IT support, they are also very much about the people who support and the proper management of end-user or customer calls and lines that they may or may not need. After all, delays affect employee productivity which also affects business performance and outcomes.

Benefits ofhelpdesk staff evaluationfor IT service desk

Getting the right IT helpdesk employees is important for effective and efficient IT support. Therefore, it can provide many benefits, such as:


* Improving IT enhances desk service levels and the experience of employees or the general customer

* Reduce the number of discarded calls

* Cost reduction (if the IT help table is overworked and inefficient)

* Predictability, responsiveness to future changes.

How Much Staff Does Your Organisation Need?

If you think you already have your organizational structure it is a very common model that is ready to look at the needs of the staff. If you can record 100% of all calls, all of these tests are a waste of time. We'll assume you're reading this because you're sure you're recording a lot of calls. If so, then two things are required to determine the appropriate levels of staff: (1) the specific working hours required to meet the expected telephone load and (2), and the actual working hours available to the present or scheduled staff.

Determining Specific Job Requirements

The expected method has two components. First, the exact number of employees needs to process calls in the call tracking system. Second, the amount of specific work required to resolve calls in the Help Desk.

How the calls are sent has a huge impact on the specific needs of the staff. Calls sent via the Web usually contain a lot of details of the event that the customer has already entered. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find that Web calls can be processed four times faster than other methods.

Determining the number of specific working hours available

It is absurd to imagine that anyone working a 40-hour week would be available for all 2080 hours a year. Here is a list of items that will reduce theoretical hours: 1) Company holidays, 2) Holidays, 3) Sick time, 4) Training, 5) Project time, 6) Meetings, and 7) Management time. If you subtract these hours from speculation, you will have the correct working hours possible.

Usage Ratio

The usage level reflects the fact that incoming calls arrive randomly, and that a new call rarely arrives just in time when the open call is opened. It is very important for outgoing calls, but it should be considered in areas where each analyst handles a mix of incoming and outgoing calls. Also, many help desks receive some calls directly. The level of service required by analysts determines the "appropriate" usage rate. High volume for short calls usually allows for higher levels of usage than low volume for longer, more complex calls.

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