Self-pleasure is a Key to The Best Orgasm; the Importance and Need of Masturbation:

Self-pleasure has always been a debatable topic, especially when it comes to women deriving pleasure for their genitalia and reaching their desired orgasm level, which they are often unable to gain from their respective partners. Pleasuring yourself can bring a lot of good in one's life; exploring one's body and understanding the limits is one of the other benefits of masturbating.

Around 42% of women in Australia admitted to having masturbated at least once in their lives. It is a normalized form of loving who you are. Love has many forms that do not require any embarrassment, which should be discussed openly for a better understanding and exploring several options.

For relieving stress:

Life is hectic; social distancing has failed to help in this regard. So fretting about work or endless chores increases the stress levels. A good orgasm can move anything contributing to stress levels because the stress recedes when one throws them into something pleasurable.

For a Mood buster:

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For a night of better sleep:

A better orgasm is a sleep inducer. Here is the science, desire leads to an increased heartbeat rate, and the clitoris area has an abundance of blood flow that leads to a little arousal.

These are the symptoms of a pre-orgasm stage, now comes the most awaited part; on reaching orgasm, all the pent up energy and tension is released, and all the body rates are at their peak. All this leads to tiredness, and since it releases the pent up tension, you can straight hit the bed later. Sweet dreams!

For self-exploration:

Masturbation, according to Kitley, is learning and experiencing your own body in a very different way. It's a key way to learn about one's sexuality and know the best way to reach an orgasm.

You can never want something you haven't tried, and once you do, you will always want it. As people say, it's not an addiction; it is a kind of attachment from ourselves and the cares we all deserve, no shame and no embarrassment.

I am John Isner, work for Joujou Luxe an Australian retailer of the luxurious brand LELO – the world’s leading designer for intimate lifestyle products that are committed to the quality and design.
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