Coping With Global Rubber Waste: The Ideal Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Available For Purchase

tyre pyrolysis plant

fuel oil.

The working principles of a tire pyrolysis plant are relatively simple. To being with, tires are ground-up into small pieces using automatic tire shredders. Next, the rubber waste is sent using a drying machine to lower the moisture content as excess moisture can result in inefficient pyrolysis because it causes stream production.

continuous tyre pyrolysis plant price

Many manufacturers which may have tire pyrolysis plants on the market also sell distillation machines. Such machines can be used refining the fuel oil made by tire pyrolysis. Obviously, the oil doesn't really need to be refined, like in its raw state it can still be sold as being a heavy fuel oil for many different industries. Refining the pyrolysis oil into gasoline or diesel oil, however, may become a profitable choice for many operations.

When you compare tire to oil pyrolysis plants available for purchase from different manufacturers, it's essential to take many variables into account. As an illustration, you should look at a pyrolysis plant's working method, reactor size, daily capacity, cooling method, operating pressure, lifespan, area requirements, price, etc. Several of the largest continuous rubber pyrolysis plants have daily capacities of 24 tons. Meanwhile, smaller batch tire pyrolysis plants have daily capacities below 6 tons.

Tire to oil machines prices could also vary widely depending on the position of the supplier. Generally speaking, domestic manufacturers are unable to compete when it comes to Chinese tire pyrolysis plant prices. Therefore, it can be worth looking into some of the tire to oil machines for sale from manufacturers in China that export worldwide. Visit the site:

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