Book vs. Movie: Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

Ella Enchanted was a hugely popular movie starring Anne Hathaway that came out in 2004, but there's actually another popular version of the story out there. There are tons of people who disagree with me (and I've definitely fought with my roommate over this) but I liked both the book and the movie. Though, I will concede that they should have different titles because the stories are so completely different! I read the book before I saw the movie, so it has a special place in my heart that the movie can't fill, so if I had to choose I would choose the book. It's a bit darker, full of more magic, and overall a better story. The movie is bright and cheery, but doesn't hold the same basic quality I found in the book. Some people feel like there is more magic in the movies, because Ella's obedience spell in the movie allows her to do the impossible. But, in the book, if someone orders her to do something that is impossible, she feels very ill. There are no crazy tricks, just her being ill. This may seem like "magical" to some, but for me, it feels like more realistic magic. An obedience spell may be magic, but it should be believable magic. Another big change that really affected the tone of the book was the nature of evil. In the book, there isn't really an evil power working against Ella; rather, she is working against the curse and learning to live with it. In the movie, Ella is constantly confronted with evil in the form of the Prince's uncle, Edgar, who doesn't exist in the book. Overall, I don't hate the movie, but I hate that it's related to the book. The two stories really are not the same, but somehow the movie is considered to be an adaptation of the book. Has anyone else read the book and seen the movie? What do you think or this adaptation?

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