Power configuration upgrade new Toyota 86 exposure

Toyota is bringing its new GR 86 to Texas next month. While the company hasn't released details yet, it has released teaser photos of the wheels and headlights, and says it can accelerate from rest to 96km/h in 6.1 seconds.

Toyota tweeted a math problem: "8x + 148 = 10x - 24." If you are asked to solve x, the answer is 86, which means that the Toyota GR 86 is coming soon and will be officially released on June 2nd at 10am EST, while the Japanese model was launched in April and developed in conjunction with the 2022 Subaru Brz.


toyota 86

In addition to being more powerful, the GR 86 has an aluminum fender and roof that helps lower the car's center of gravity and helps reduce weight, as well as new front seats and lighter silencers that are expected to become more fun to drive as the body stiffens.


New Toyota 86 in terms of appearance, looks more sporty, before the face of big size using the China open, internal for honeycomb grille design, also equipped with GR model badge adornment, bilateral large headlamp unit adopts the design of the tilting with LED daytime running lights, looks very fierce, surrounded on both sides with sports grille and black decoration, not only improved the movement, Fashion sense has also been enhanced.

The side of the car looks very dynamic. Adopted double car door design, deserve to go up the frameless door, when open the moment, to attract the attention of many people, sneak back personality fashion modelling, outside the mirror used the black coating, fender flares adopted outside expansion design, the front fender with ventilation cooling, brake disc cooling effect, the automobile body with black wheels, increased the lateral movement.

The overall change of the tail is also very obvious. The black stroke on the edge of the tail light forms a through-through design. At the same time, the brake prompt light is inset above the tail cover, full of personality, surrounding the bilateral single outlet rough round exhaust port below, showing its powerful explosive power, while the surrounding black treatment.


In the design of the new car in the interior, although not particularly prominent, but overall still bring strong driving desire sense, control adopted the suspension time, equipped with the function of the three type of steering wheel, the exclusive logo with GR, the gas and brake pedal through metal material and antiskid processing, air conditioning display on the circular knob, fashion personality, the car used the red stitching line, The sports seats are thick and full of wrapping. At the same time, the car also has a seat heating function.

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