Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is the most widely used method for protecting construction sites or handling large amounts of people at big events.

We are used to seeing them in the line for entering an event such as a concert or sports competition, and we also see them around construction sites.

What is the purpose of temporary fencing, and why are they consistently used? What are the rules for using temporary fencing? What are the differences between the available models?

Purpose of temporary fencing

The reasons for using temporary fencing depend on what you will use it for. Basically, temporary fencing is used in two areas: 1) Construction and 2) Events.


For instance, consider the risks associated with:

- Demolition of existing structures

- Excavations

- Slips, trips and falls

- Temporary electrical installations

- Partially constructed structures

- Stored construction materials

- On-site plant and equipment

An accident-related to any of these areas can easily make your company responsible if you did not have the proper temporary fencing in place. You want to have the proper protection for your construction site to prevent unauthorised people going in to steal or even kids going in for "fun". If you are responsible for a construction project, you are responsible for securing the area to protect neighbours and others from the community.

No Thru™temporary fencing

Construction site security fencing - WorkSafe

Well-constructed — gates and joints in fence sections should be securely connected, without any weak points for entry

No Thru™temporary fencingNo Thru™


Did you know that there are more than 300,000 people in attendance for the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne over a four-day period? The popular Formula 1 race involves racing cars competing on a closed public street circuit in Albert Park, reaching speeds of 320 km/h or more! Of course, a spectacle like this requires temporary fencing to protect the health and security of the participants and the spectators. It poses a logistic challenge to secure the area effectively, without allowing anyone to cross the barriers but also making it temporary and friendly for the environment.

2016 regulations from the Victoria government site

Other events such as concerts have different challenges, people are usually a lot more excited, and their behaviour can be sometimes unpredictable. Guaranteeing safety is the biggest concern for the company organizing the event but also preventing people from accessing the event without paying.

No Thru™ temporary fencing

No Thru™

No Thru

What are the options available?

Lee Brothers FencingNo Thru

No Thrutemporary fencing

No Thru

You can also watch their video where they explain this revolutionary system for temporary fencing.


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