How to Prevent and Get Rid of Dandruff

Keeping your scalp healthy is important for the health of your hair. If your scalp is healthy your hair will be naturally strong, shiny and good-looking. You need to strike a good balance between shampooing and moisturizing your scalp to keep it healthy and dandruff free. Let's talk about how to keep away from dandruff, and even severe problems such as scalp dermatitis.

What is Dandruff?What is Dandruff?

Your scalp sheds dead cells just as much as your skin. But when it becomes too dry or inflamed, the upper skin cells start shedding even more. These dried skin cells start to flake and break into pieces. When you scratch your head, these flakes fall out in the process, which is called dandruff. This may simply mean that you need to moisturize your scalp or shampoo your hair. But sometimes, it's not just a bad hair care routine, but a more complicated condition called scalp dermatitis.

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Causes of DandruffCauses of Dandruff

* Oily scalp

* Dry scalp

* Yeast overgrowth

* Unclean scalp

* Allergy to hair products

* Fungal Infection

* Other skin conditions

How to Get Rid of Dandruff?How to Get Rid of Dandruff?

Dandruff can be caused by numerous conditions and unhealthy routines. You can control it at home by frequently washing your scalp with anti-dandruff shampoo. Make sure you wash daily for at least 2 weeks to see positive results.

Your Dandruff Shampoo should include these ingredients:

Zinc pyrithione

Salicylic acid

selenium sulfide


Coal tar

How to Prevent DandruffHow to Prevent Dandruff

Wash hair frequently

Wash your hair alternate days or at least every 2 days. Washing too often may dry out your scalp, and not washing frequently will make it oily. Oily skin traps dead skin and increases the chance of dandruff.

Use Conditioner

Use conditioner after every shampoo wash, to keep the hair moisturized. The shampoo cleans all the dust and oil and makes your scalp dry. So, use a conditioner to keep it stable and healthy.

Sun Protection

Sun can make your hair dry. So, try to keep it covered when you are going out on a sunny day. Or you can wash your hair with normal water after coming home.

Diet for Healthy Hair

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