The important role of supermarket shelves

Just like supermarket shelves, supermarket shelves are an indispensable display support device today in supermarkets, grocery stores, and commercial centers. Not only brings the ability to increase display efficiency, it also brings high aesthetics. So what is a supermarket shelf? Details of its characteristics like? We would like to introduce the product details through the article below. We invite you to read along.

What is a supermarket shelf?

Supermarket shelf head is a racking system consisting of a single horizontal shelf with a set of shelves at the top of the row forming a T shape. Use only the top shelf in case of a series of double shelves. It helps the shelf array to be more beautiful, the vertical shelf system is not moved after the display.

The top shelf is also used to display goods like regular shelves. Merchandise displayed at the top of the shelf is usually promotional merchandise, new products or bestsellers.

The location of the special display area of the shelf makes this an important area in every supermarket and store. The location helps to attract the attention of customers when visiting to buy goods.

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Why use supermarket shelves?

Make the most of free space

In addition to ordinary supermarket shelves, the top of the supermarket shelf is also an indispensable device in the current display area. The use of the top of the display shelf helps to maximize the free space.

Users can use to display products such as cosmetics, ceramics, confectionery, instant food, etc. The items displayed on the top shelf help attract attention from customers, convenient for customers. the search for the required product.

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Increase the aesthetics of the shelf array

The top or bottom of each shelf is an important area of the supermarket and is considered an expensive area for brands. The goods at the top of the shelf are displayed, bringing high aesthetics to the entire shelf range.

The top shelf for goods helps to cover the pillar of the double shelf, making the shelf area not rough and unsightly. This is also a hot-selling area, easy to sell, and many customers are interested, you can display new products, promotional goods to increase consumption efficiency.

From the outside looking in, customers will see the top of the shelf first, so using the top of the shelf helps increase the value of the store.

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Scientific design

Top of supermarket shelf Thang Long shelf is designed most modern and convenient for users. Customers will not have any difficulty when they want to search and choose goods.

Flexible structure racking system, users can move to the desired shelf range. Store owners can identify the location that attracts the most customers and creates a certain freshness for customers in different shopping times.

Thang Long shelf offers superior quality supermarket shelves in the market. Shelves have the ability to store goods as good as conventional shelves up to 80kg with thick trays.

The number of shelves changes flexibly according to the needs of use. Users can increase or decrease the size of the floor tray to match the size of the goods displayed on the shelf.

With raw materials manufactured from high quality iron and steel, the shelf can be used continuously for 10-15 years without being degraded, damaged, or oxidized. Thang Long shelf supports consulting and long-term warranty after sales.

Customers wishing to buy supermarket shelves, please contact us to receive the fastest quotation and advice. Thang Long shelf is pleased to serve you.

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