How To Look Taller And Stylized In Low Heels

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Nowadays, we still see women somewhat reluctant to stop wearing heels since they look less stylish without them, and we understand it perfectly. It is undeniable that with heels, we grow, and therefore we seem more stylized, but we don't want you to be a slave to them. We personally love them, but have learned to carry. In addition, since the shoes have been implanted almost like a basic in our closets and we have a lot of very cool designs, we have to confess, and you can look taller and more stylized even with low heels.

Today, we are going to give you styling keys to get you started. And, here is where you can buy women's shoes online.

How to look taller and stylized in low heels?

These tips will help you visually look taller and, therefore stylize.

Low heels to look taller

Let's start with the feet, the footwear you choose is key to looking taller without a heel. To do this, pay attention to the color and shape of the footwear you wear, be it low heels shoe or slipper.

It has to be not round in shape rather pointed. And you do not have to go to the extreme of very pointed if you do not like them. Start noticing and as long as it is not too round it is enough. The fact that its shape is somewhat pointed makes your legs grow visually.

Another key aspect in footwear is color, nude low heels is the star color when it comes to gaining visual centimeters. Why? Because that color is the closest thing to our skin, it mixes with it making our legs appear longer. The nude color works very well when we go with natural stockings or without them. Now in winter, it is highly recommended that the color of your low heels does not contrast much with that of your pants.

As long as it has one of these two characteristics, your footwear will gain centimeters. You can wear red low heels or animal print low heels but with a non-rounded shape. If the footwear meets the two previous keys, then a prize.

With low heels in contrast to the color of the pants, think that where the low heels ends and contrasts with the pants creates a horizontal cut in your silhouette and therefore makes you smaller. If this is the case but the boots or ankle boots have a low heels the effect is compensated, but if not, not. Where is the hottest collection available? Buy women's shoes online now!

How to look taller in low heels and stylized trousers

Here you have to look at the width, and the pants' height. To look taller visually, the pants have to be rather narrow, skinny, skinny or straight and wear low heels.

The trouser shot is key; forget about the low shots to the hips. Medium or low heels makes us gain centimeters in the legs, so if you go with flat shoes, choose the right one: leg and pants.

Look taller, look taller

And yes, that the shot looks even a little, that the upper garment does not exceed your hips at least so as not to lose centimeters. The longer the top is, the more centimeters you lose in the legs. Keep that in mind to pair with low heels!

Look taller in low heels and stylized skirts

The skirts, as well as the trousers, are better with a medium or high rise. Do not exceed your knees at least a finger or three above your knees. The longer the skirt is, the more it shortens our legs, and keep in mind to pair them with low heels!

The vertical stripe print is great both on top and bottom, creating the optical illusion of growing upkeep that in mind. The V-neckline is the one that helps us to grow the most of all necklines because of the verticality it gives us, but any open neckline that reveals your clavicles will also work well. A miniskirt now in winter with thick black stockings and flat black low heels and not rounded can make you grow a lot. Test it!

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