How to Write a Perfect Review: Steps to Write a Review

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Steps to make a review

To prepare a good review, it is essential to do research and understand the text to be reviewed, approaching the text by following these steps:

What does the work mean and how does it say it? search the secrets hidden in your text words

What is the objective of the work?

What is your central argument, and how is it proven?

How can I reply to the author?

What can I conclude?

degree of comprehension of the worked text reading sheet

data on the context in which the text was published

who was its author

when was it published

bibliographic data

4. It is very important to be concrete, clear and precise in your answers and statements , especially when it comes to quotes from others.

5. Once the critical and in-depth reading of the text is concluded and the reading sheet is completed, you have the tools to write the review. The recommended format is the essay .

Parts of a review

After knowing the steps, it is interesting to consider the different parts of a review. Your organization should follow the following general scheme:

1. Presentation and contextualization of the topic

It is about locating the author and his work in time and space. In this section, two parts can be distinguished: the title and the presentation.

The title includes the name of the author, the title of the work, the place of publication, the publisher, the date of publication and the number of pages.

The first paragraph is that of the presentation , and details the original language of the work, the language into which it is translated, and the name of the translator.

2. Summary

Description of the item to be reviewed, the author, the work and its techniques. There are two mandatory subcategories; content and sources.

Content . The topics covered in the work are discussed, descriptively, briefly and clearly.

Sources . The sources used by the author to carry out his work are detailed.

There are four subcategories, which are optional; Background of the author, purpose, organization of the work and method of work.

Author's Background. Paragraph that explains the topics in which the author specializes, the languages he uses, other works carried out ...

Purpose . Author's goals in writing this work.

Organization of the work . Describe how the work is ordered. If it is a book, the number of chapters is specified, together with the prologue, the conclusions ...

Working method . The investigations that the author carried out to develop this work, or the steps that he followed to collect the ideas that would originate the work are mentioned.

3. Personal judgment

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Negative review. Detail the weak aspects of the job. The wording is attenuated, avoiding using strong words and disparagements.

Positive criticism . Highlight the strengths of the text. Adjectives are used to achieve a clear and concise result.

4. References

It is important that the review includes the bibliographic references consulted, in order to give validity to the article and to place the analyzed work in time and space.

5. Identification

The details of the author of the review are indicated, and the email and other electronic contact details are included.

What are the different review styles?

Now you know what a review is, how to write it and what its parts are. But you should also know that there are different review styles: we can find reconstructive reviews or critical reviews:

Reconstructive review

Describe the structure of a text. The most practical way to make a reconstructive review is to write it following the information set out in the reading sheet.

This type of review should be made up of three main parts:

The context . The text is placed in its corresponding circumstances, in order to contextualize the reader.

The description . The components of the text are discussed, and the arguments and methodology of the text are exposed.

The closing e . It presents the consequences that the publication of the text had, and how it was taken in later discussions.

Avoid summarizing the content in detail.

Critical review

It is subjective and evaluates the content of the text. It is not advisable to write a critical review without first having written a reconstructive review.

There are two types of critical review; the internal and the external.

Internal critical review . The way the author writes, or how he presents his arguments, is valued. If it is clear, if it is precise, coherent, communicatively effective ...

External critical review . The relationship between the work in question and its area of influence or knowledge is analyzed. That is, what does the work contribute to its context, what discussions it raises and how it uses its sources.

When writing the review it is essential to maintain seriousness, coherence and intellectual honesty regarding the text . This must be taken into account especially when formulating personal opinions about the content of the work. It is also important to review the final text more than once, and, whenever possible, request the opinion of someone you trust.

We hope that after this special article on how to write a review, what are the steps to write it and what are its parts, your next review will have everything you need for an excellent note.

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