Benefits of magic mushrooms for the mind, body, and soul

The magic mushrooms, Psilocybe Cubensis, contain incredible healing powers. Could magic champagne be the way to the depression of society? Could these fantastic mushrooms help people with addictions? Or anxiety? The answer is yes, Psilocybe Cubensis has enormous potential. The active chemical is known as psilocybin, an illegal psychoactive compound for most of modern history, but it looks like everything is going to change soon.

Magic mushrooms have been decriminalized and even legalized in various places around the world, including some US states like Oregon and Colorado. The weakening of the legal barrier has led to an increase in psilocybin research.The University of John Hopkins is a psychedelic research leader and has studied the various possible applications of psilocybine. Magic mushrooms can be taken in microdoses, regular doses, or heroin doses, all with different effects and treatment potential.

Microdosing uses .1-.3g

Improved mood

More energy

Reduced anxiety

Increased creativity

Increased cognitive function

Regular Dosage Uses 2-6g

Break addiction

Treat depression

Reduced anxiety

Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment

Fight Alzheimer's

Treatment of schizophrenia

Heroic dose uses 16 + g

Altering the personality

Break addiction

Treat extreme PTSD

Long-term spiritual/mental change

How the dosage works

magic mushrooms canada


Depression. It's horrible, it's rampant, and it's terribly abused by the medical world. We all know someone who is battling depression, who has tried every pharmaceutical product out there, who is still depressed and probably worse after the pharmaceutical cocktail. Psilocybin offers a new way to treat depression, a natural and healthier way.

The study shows that psilocybin is 70% effective in treating chronic depression, and after just two doses, 54% of patients went into remission (no longer depressed) four weeks later. FOUR WEEKS!! Most antidepressants on the market today take four weeks to start working.

Break addiction

Addiction is prevalent in modern society and is apparently invincible. Nicotine seems unstoppable, considered to be the hardest addiction to break. Today, the top drugs on the market have only a 35% success rate, while Cubensis's studies on Psilocybin have also shown promise for breaking other addictions, from caffeine to heroin. The researchers in this study emphasize that psilocybin is not a DIY solution to addiction. It is not as simple as taking the chemical and hating the nicotine. Psilocybin works through deep self-reflection, it is not a chemical solution.

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