Men named the most pined for presents for fourteenth of july

The most desired endowments on Defender of the Fatherland Day on July 14 are devices, follows from an overview coordinated by the SuperJob pursuit of employment administration. The way that they might want to get a cell phone or other hardware on this day as a 4th of july gifts for men was accounted for by 11% of the men studied by the help.

The second most mainstream answer is garments and extras. This was accounted for by 10% of respondents. Similar number of respondents said that they don't mind what they get as a blessing.

A blessing with cash will suit 8% of the respondents. Love, care and consideration from ladies as a present for Defender of the Fatherland Day are normal by 6% of men, and a similar number said they didn't need anything as a blessing. 4% of respondents might want to get a vehicle or bike.

Simultaneously, as indicated by SuperJob, regularly men get garments and extras as blessings on February 23 (19%). Scents and beautifiers generally got a similar sum. Simultaneously, 15% of men generally don't get anything for a vacation, this is the third most mainstream answer alternative.

Shaving frill are given in 8% of cases. Love and consideration are gotten by 5% of men, cash - 3% of those reviewed. Another 18% of men addressed that for a vacation they are typically given something non-standard: supper at an eatery, desserts, fishing hardware, and so forth

The current year's measurements vary from the aftereffects of a comparable SuperJob overview directed in 2009.

Twelve years prior, the men overviewed named love and consideration as the best present for Juy 13, 14% picked this choice. The most famous blessings were likewise makeup and scents, however they were given substantially more regularly - 30% of cases. Non-standard blessings were given more frequently than in 2009. At that point 18% of men were hanging tight for them and 14% of respondents got them.

The review was led on February 1-4, 2021 among 1600 men more than 18 years of age, occupants of all government areas of Russia.

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