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You can read about the rich cultural aspect of Christianity reading. Get to know about the amazing destinations of the world through the National Geographic magazine issued in 1925 or you may dive into the Greatest Story Ever recited by Fulton Oursler Hardcover, issued in 1952.

You have got the option to go for a rare collection of books for your kids such as the Vintage Whitman Unused Nature Dot to Dot Animals Plants Nature Scenes 1253 or you may check the traditional recipes written in vintage books, and surprise your guests with your cooking. Such vintage books include the 1942 Antique Cookbook Maryland Recipes. Or if you are passionate about the old maps or letters, this site offers prints, collectible books and maps which are available both in hard and soft covers which satisfy the wanderlust hidden within you.

Magazines in the Early Decades

Modern magazines are usually rooted in early printed pamphlets, chapbooks, broadsides and almanacs and a few of them begin to appear regularly. The earliest magazines had a diversified range of material designs, appealing to specific interests. One of the earliest magazine being the German Publication- Erbailiche Months- Unterredungen which was published periodically starting from 1663 to 1668.

Later on, other journals appeared in England, France and Italy and the early 1670s, more interesting magazines started to appear in France. In the 18th century, Richard Steele and Joseph Addison initiated the Tatler which was published three times every week. The Spectator is also the one issued by them. These magazines were quite influential periodicals which consisted of essays on political matters and the topical which is regarded as the best example of the finest English prose ever written.

By the 19th century, a little different and the less literate audience was identified and hence, a new variety of magazines for family enjoyment and entertainment started getting issued. The popular of them being the women’s weekly, the missionary and religious review, the children’s weekly and the illustrated magazine. Since the public had a broader interest in political and social affairs, those magazines saw growth by the middle and the lower class people's growing demand both in the cities as well as rural areas for the reading matter.


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Audio Books

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