Reasons Why You Should Buy a Wood Burning Stove

When it comes to home heating systems, a wood burning stove should be at the top of your list. Also known as wood burners, they are more efficient and a modern alternative to fireplaces; and all for a reasonable price.

The benefits of using a wood burning stove

Why should you choose wood burners instead of traditional fireplaces or other heating systems? Of course, all of them serve the same purpose; to heat your home with fire! However, stoves also offer the following benefits:

Environmental friendliness

How can burning wood be environmentally friendly? Isn’t it the opposite since you’re basically lighting trees on fire? These are some questions you might be wondering aboutwhen buying a wood burner. Your assumptions aren’t entirely wrong; however, they may be slightly misguided.

Burning wood is much better for the environment than burning other sources of fuel. For example, fossil fuels like coal and petroleum are much more harmful to the ecosystem; they release substantial amounts of carbon into the air and contribute to respiratory illnesses.

Meanwhile, logs release significantly less carbon into the air. They also help reduce your heating bills, consuming less energy than what you’d usually need.

Efficient heating

Wood burners are known for the quality of heat they give off. They radiate heat from all sides, making you feel warm from all directions. On top of that, wood costs less per BTU (British Thermal Unit) compared to oil, gas, and electricity, allowing you to heat an area faster without spending more.


Do you live in an area where there are frequent power outages? You don’t have to suffer through the dark and the cold at the same time. Wood burners work even without electricity.

Excellent features of wood burning stoves

Besides the great heating benefits of wood burners, they also come with various features that can enhance your experience. For instance, you have a wide range of stoves to choose from; boiler, double-sided, inset, and freestanding.

In addition, wood burning stoves come with varying sizes and heat outputs. You don’t need to worry about under or overheating your home. When you choose the right size depending on the amount of space you want to heat, you won’t force your stove to run too hot or underperform.

wood burner

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Wood Stoves Direct is an exclusive distributor of Ború Stoves in the UK market that offers handmade, high-end, high-quality, long-lasting stove. Whether it’s a dry stove or boiler stove, from the smallest dwelling to large house, we have a Ború Wood Burning stove, which will meet all your needs and requirements, be it for a traditional or contemporary setting!

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