Best Indian restaurant to try in Bethesda | Tikka Masala

best Indian restaurant in Bethesda

Tikka Masala Bethesda

As the name implies, they are a single-cuisine restaurant specializing in the most delectable Indian cuisine Bethesda has to offer. Their talented chefs specialize in preparing delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine for their patrons.

Tikka Masala

This is an Indian specialty restaurant that was launched just three years ago. However, in such a short span of time, they have managed to create quite a stir in the area with their food.

What makes their food a hit amongst the people is the tasteful combination of non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes that their menu flaunts. The credit also goes to their highly skilled and professional chefs who create authentic magic with their fresh ingredients.

• Appetizers

• Indo Chinese starters and main course

• Main course vegetables.

• Indian side dishes

• Signature Tikka Masala

• Deserts

You can get a detailed look at their menu from their social media pages or official website.

Another reason that makes them one of the best Indian restaurants in Bethesda is - if you are at the office or want to enjoy takeout Indian for lunch on a weekend, then Tikka Masala can be at your service with their home delivery services.

Tikka Masala is an Indian restaurant, that welcomes you with friendly service and an expansive menu that remains faithful to the best of culinary traditions of the Indian subcontinent.
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