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Air Filters, Is Using No Oil Or Too Much Oil Best?

Maybe just need a decent bracket to do that i might explore that one switching back to the timing covers they are now uh dishwasher ready they still look a bit grubby but we'll see if it takes the primer and then on the other side of the ball game which also went in the dishwasher was the uh the chain guard the actual chain guard so i'm gonna be spraying that same color and i might even see if i can drill out those slots yeah they're nice slots but they'd be even nicer if they were real i don't know or something to try out my new bench drill with when and if it arrives having read up a little bit on the forums about this it seems a popular thing to remove because it's just ugly and unnecessary so the old t-junction in there goes off to the side of the air intake, in fact, well no throttle body um and apparently all you do is take the pipe.

Cean & Oil a Foam Air Filter on Motorcycle

That bolt unscrew that screw and uh just put a solid nut in there now you can see it better there yeah that boy there unscrew that put a solid nut in there job done yeah and as per the forums it's a 5 mil and just a blanking bolt i don't think i've got any five mils kicking around brake pads turned up today so i think i'll be fitting those they went in pretty sweet at the back uh front ones not quite so swift needed a little uh modification uh drilling the hole out having stripped these two out of that combined loom uh i've obviously covered them with some protective casing uh which will enable potentially the relocation of whatever.

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