Rafael Nadal vs Cameron Norrie – A tough Match Between Them at French Open

Cameron Norrie says he is ready to play against tennis-pro Rafael Nadal. He further says he has already faced Nadal two times in the past in Barcelona and Australia and this time again he is going to take it again to face Nadal at French Open (Roland-Garros).

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Not apparently, actually, he has admitted that facing the “King of Clay” is a tough task in the world of sports.

But what could be the reason behind this fear of Cameron Norrie? Let us compare both great players and see what would happen when both face each other at French Open on Saturday.

Roland Garros

Norrie further adds

‘if you look at the stats, Nadal has an impressive record’.

So, it’s clear that Norrie has a little fear about the history of Nadal.

The 25-year-old Norrie further says,

“After all, he is a human and prone to make mistakes and miss shots”.

This statement of Norrie clears it further that deep down, he wants to practice as much as he can so as not to miss any shot in any case.

And Norrie adds more,

“It’s not going to be easy”.

So, finally, in his statements, Norrie admits that this is the world’s tough task to play against Rafael Nadal.

Now let us see the other side of the picture that is Nadal’s point of view.

On this side of the story, Nadal is calm and peaceful without any worry. He even tries to encourage Norrie for the match which seems like a deep sympathy for Norrie.

Nadal says,

‘Norrie is a great player and he is going to win more matches this year’.

At the same, Nadal is so confident to win another title this year to celebrate his records.


Rafael Nadal

At the same time, Norrie will not set back, he will also create a tough environment and he will surely create an upset in the match. I mean Norrie is going to give Nadal a little tough time as Norrie has also mastered clay courts.

This match is going to be very interesting so don’t miss it. What do you think about Norrie, is he going to defeat Nadal? What is the probability of this event occurring? I would love your thoughts on this amazing match prediction that is going to happen on Saturday at French Open.

In short, Both Nadal and Norrie have already prepared their tennis racquets and other necessities to make this match full of excitement.

Let us wait for it!

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