Fish Shooting Games- A Popular Arcade In Online Thai Casinos

fish shooting games (เกมส์ยิงปลา)

Many people prefer playing skill-based casino games such as fish shooting rather than chance-based. Why? Primarily because they can use their experience and expertise to increase their chance of winning. Accordingly, there is a great demand for fish shooting casino games.

However, winning at such games is not a piece of cake. Therefore, in this article, we will unveil things you must know before playing shooting games.

How to earn points?

Fish shooting gambling games are entertaining than many other skill-based casino games. Here, all you need to do is aim at the fish and shoot down as many as you can. Killing a fish will give you different points according to its size.

Talking about their points, let us take a thorough look. Regular size fishes give the least score but, medium-sized fishes can have multipliers range between 7x-18x. Similarly, the biggest of them provides handsome rewards with 25x-80x multipliers.

It is as simple as that.

Before the game begins, players have to buy ammunition using their money. The more money they deposit, the more bullets they will get to do the needful.

What are rare items?

As the name suggests, rare items are targets with special prizes and rewards. You will not see them frequently on your screens. Therefore, killing them is difficult than you think.

Only once in a while, you see rare fish species roaming around. They can be up to 20x multiplier each. Moreover, other rare items such as luxurious-looking pearls and clams will give you better rewards.

So choose your target wisely and try to avoid wasting bullets. Avoid neglecting small fishes over bigger ones because killing them is easier.

Avoid hidden fish

You might have seen fishes trying to hide under rocks or moss in the game. If you succeed in shooting them, the reward will be 20% - 40% more than the original amount. Now because the prize is so attractive, many players waste their bullets after them.

They fail to understand that these bigger rewards come with a low hit rate. Not to forget the difficulty you will face if you go after them.

Some more tips

fish shooting games

2. Players cannot expect to win if they take this game lightly. One can only hit the jackpot if they pay focus throughout the entire game. After all, all the details and visuals can be distracting for players.

3. Using different weapons and switching guns is also a good strategy.

4. Since every fish has different odds, concentrating equally on everyone can be beneficial.

So the next time you wish to play, keep all these things in your mind.

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